Earrings for Women with Teal/Amber Beads, Stunning Mystical Falls Design with Hypoallergenic Swarovski Crystal and 14k Gold Overlay, Jewelry for Weddings, Birthdays – Holly Yash

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Brand: Holly Yashi


  • MYSTICAL FALLS DESIGN: These elegant drop earrings perpetuate the mesmerizing movement of a waterfall. A cascade of beads and leaflet shapes dangle from square niobium drops. Featuring amber and teal themes, these chandelier earrings are great for a bridal party or special day out. The crystal glass lets these colors shimmer and shine, making them a beautiful gift for all women and girls.
  • SPECIALLY CRAFTED FROM NIOBIUM: Holly Yashi makes fashion jewelry that is safe for everyone to wear. These Mystical Falls long beaded earrings are crafted from niobium, an excellent alternative to precious metals. This material is hypoallergenic and free from nickel alloys, making it safe for those with allergies to nickel, copper, and other alloys.
  • CONTAINS BEAUTIFUL SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL: Swarovski crystals are precision-cut gems manufactured in Austria using quartz, sand, and minerals. The way these crystals are produced involves a specialized process that ensures incredible precision to yield exact proportions in these brilliant gems. See for yourself today.
  • 14K GOLD OVERLAY: If you have ever wanted a pair of gold earrings but haven’t wanted to shell out a ton of cash to get them, these 14K gold overlay dangle earrings are just for you! They are incredibly versatile and will give you the gold look you love without the price. These 14K gold overlay ear wires won’t tarnish or turn your ears green like cheaply made jewelry will.
  • HANDCRAFTED IN SMALL BATCHES: At Holly Yashi, we honor the craft of jewelry making and take pride in hand-making all our pieces in small batches to give individualized attention to each batch. Since 1981, we have made quality artisan jewelry in our design studio in Arcata, California. We’ve been in business for over 35 years making unique, irresistible signature jewelry.

Details: Looking for beautiful dangling earrings to wear at your wedding, bridal shower, or other special occasion? Are you on the hunt for the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas? These handmade Mystical Falls earrings are a versatile addition to any woman’s jewelry collection. Made with faceted Bohemian glass, hanging beads, and two amber gemstone drops, these elegant earrings are designed to embody the mesmerizing movement of a waterfall. The teal themes and leaflet patterns add to the mystic style and versatility of this gorgeous jewelry. These dangly earrings are perfect for sensitive ears. Crafted from niobium, a hypoallergenic material free from nickel and copper, these earrings are made to be comfortable for any wearer. They also contain Swarovski crystals, precision-cut gems that are both dazzling and practical. Manufactured in Austria using quartz, sand, and minerals, this crystal is a beautiful addition to earrings that won’t break the bank. The gold wire hooks of these earrings won’t tarnish like cheaper jewelry. This durable material ensures that your ears stay healthy and comfortable as you wear this fashionable jewelry for special events, parties, and intimate evenings. This 14K gold overlay gives you the look and feel of fine jewelry without the exorbitant price. You can trust Holly Yashi to provide you with high-quality, hand crafted womens jewelry. We honor the craft of jewelry making and take pride in hand-making all our pieces in small batches in order to give each batch our special attention. We have been making quality artisan jewelry in our design studio in Arcata, California since 1981, and we look forward to continuing our tradition of beautiful, unique, handmade jewelry.

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