Earthtone Multi-Color Freshwater Cultured Pearl 3-Strand Stretch Bracelet, 6″-8″ (5.5-6.0MM)

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Brand: The Men’s Jewelry Store (for HER)


  • Button Pearls in a Variety of Earthtone Colors; from Creamy Ivories, Olive Greens, Khakis, Silvers and a Few Shades in Between; the Beading Between Each Button Pearl are Crafted from Polished Sterling Silver
  • Stretch Bracelet Stretches to Fit Approximately 6.00 to 8.00 Inch Wrist; is .77 Inches Wide
  • Bracelet is Made with 75 Dyed or Enhanced Freshwater Cultured Button Pearls
  • Due to the Natural State of the Pearls each May Differ Slightly in Color, Size, Surface
  • Included with Order: Velour Pouch to Keep Pearls Pristine when not Worn

Publisher: The Jewelry Store

Details: Real friendship, like real poetry, is extremely rare – and precious as a pearl. Author Tahar Ben Jellou Author Tahar Ben Jellou

This bracelet does the F words well, fabulous, fun, and fashion savvy fits this multi-color pearl and silver bead stretch bracelet. The finely crafted bracelet is made of 75 dyed multi-color freshwater button pearls with a small sterling silver bead between each pearl. The gorgeously elegant bracelet is lightweight, comfortable and with the small sterling silver beads allows for ventilation which assists in preventing perspiration between the skin and the bracelet. This comes with a velour storage pouch to keep the pearls safe when not being worn.

Pearls represent spiritual transformation, as they begin as a coarse grain of sand which slowly develops into an object of value and beauty.

Sterling silver is reflective and mirrors the soul, it is said to bring calm and balance to the wearer. Shaman believe silver gives the wearer protection from negativity and evil and offers a deep respect for Mother Earth. Sterling silver is known as the metal of emotions, love and healing. Sterling Silver is 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper. Copper is silver’s best companion since it improves the hardness and durability of silver, yet allows the silver to retain its beautiful color.

The rising price of silver makes this, quite simply, a great investment.

FOOTNOTES: Image May Appear Larger than Actual Size, Make a Template with to be Sure of Size
Due to the Natural State of the Pearls each May Differ Slightly in Color, Size, Surface Markings and Blemishes
Gorgeous is Always Fashionable, Never Trendy… Thank You for Your Consideration, We Appreciate You.