Eyeshadow Palette: Bright Spring


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Nature’s spring season is colourful. Likewise, Spring people often have a colourful appearance. Since our most harmonious, attractive clothing and cosmetics are a continuation of our natural colours,  Spring cosmetics are generously supplied with colour.

Bright Spring colouring adds two features that lift the colour energy one step higher. The first is the ability to wear shine, a combination of Spring’s dewy glow with Winter’s shimmered and frosted effects. Second, with Winter in the mix, the light to dark span is wide, reaching from iced beige to warm charcoal.

Colours include (from L to R in the palette):

  • frosty cool icy peach beige
  • matte warm-neutral gray beige 
  • frosted silver gray
  • matte smokey charcoal gray
  • peachy warm coral with light gold shimmer 

**: Please note that the colour at the far right in the photograph has changed. The photograph will be replaced as soon as possible. Compared to the previous colour shown in the photo, which harmonized with the darker colours in the yellow strip of the palette, the new colour is slightly lighter and pinker, more pinky melon and less caramel, harmonizing better with the warm red strip in the palette. The new colour also contains less shimmer with a finer texture. 

Season: Bright Spring.

Transformer is effective with any collection to create harmonized eyeliner with these eyeshadows, in any effect desired, from liquid to smoky. 

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