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Bright Winter is the blend of Winter colours with the touch of Spring’s yellow warmth. Winter implies a wide range from light to dark in the palette and how colours are applied, keeping in mind each woman’s own eye shape.

The palette includes glowy white, a purplish dark brown, Winter’s silver steel, a rare beige with Spring’s yellow-green undertone, and a sharp black possible. The silver and beige have frost and satin finishes respectively, allowing for numerous colour and shine options when blended. 

Two magical mixes have emerged in using this palette. The first is a mix of the silver and gold, colours 3 and 4 reading from L to R. Together, they make a fabulous neutral beige with adjustable coolness or warmth by changing the proportions of the colours. The second is a mix of colours 2 and 4 to make a superb contour colour, a duplicate for Merle Norman’s Storm, quite possibly the best contour I know for persons of this colouring group.

Neutral backdrops are essential for Winter appearances, setting the stage for the high saturation colours. While bright colours may occupy the viewer’s attention, neutral colours must be in harmony for the picture to communicate. If the white, gray, and black in a Winter scene changed to latte, pigeon, and asphalt, neutrals would come out of stealth mode where they have so much power. The jewel toned lips, eyeshadow accents, and attire would lose their considerable voltage.

Colours include (from L to R in palette):

  • icy baby pink with peach effect
  • chilled silvered brown with purple tinge, matte to satin finish
  • true sparkling deep silver
  • midtone golden beige with slight gold sheen
  • jet black with silver fleck sparkles

**: Please note that two of the colours in the palette have changed due to discontinuation of pigments. The first colour is now an icy baby pink with a definite peach tinge, as cool as iced peach would be for this Season. The second is the final colour, now clear jet black, or actually dark clear black-purple-brown of the type that acts as black for this Season, with fine silver and sapphire sparkle. The photo will be replaced as soon as possible.

Season: Bright Winter. 

Transformer is effective with any collection to create harmonized eyeliner with these eyeshadows, in any effect desired, from liquid to smoky. 

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