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Eyeshadow Palette: Light Spring


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A medley of warm pale neutrals, from vanilla sugar to sparkly pewter, describes these light, sunny colours. Coral is included, a colour that Springs wear with such ease that in this company, it may act almost as a neutral.

For this Season that is a blend of Spring and a smaller portion of Summer, the palette offers many opportunities for colour mixing, taking advantage of colour layering as a form of transparency, one of Spring’s best visual effects, and colour swirling, engaging the watercolour beauty of Summer. The value of colours #4 and #5 is in their versatility, to use alone or together to create an excellent gray-brown and soften the shine of #4. Mix #2 and #4 for a good light gray. Colours in hand, take up the paintbrush and create many beautiful designs.

Light Spring is a most delicate colouring, easily overtaken by darkness, intensity, opacity, brightness, too much red, and strong glitter effects. For all Seasons, darkness shapes the eye and showcases the lighter colours, as long as the darkest tones are within the Season’s light to dark range.  With this palette, the colour deposit is also light, allowing for easier and more flattering application.

You can read more in the blog post Eyeshadow Palette for Light Spring

Colours include (from L to R in palette):

  • pale pearlized creamy light ivory peach (unchanged from previous Light Spring palette)
  • matte light neutral cream beige (new to this second iteration of the Light Spring eyeshadow palette)
  • matte pastel peachy pink (new to this palette)
  • pearlized to frosted, light charcoal gray with silver flecks (unchanged from previous)
  • matte, moderately muted, neutral coconut shell brown (same colour as previous, moved from position #3 to #5)

 Season: Light Spring.

Please note that Transformer is available in any collection to create harmonized eyeliner with these eyeshadows, in any effect desired, from liquid to smoky. 

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