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True Spring is a fully warmed colouring, meaning that colours are based in clear yellow, giving skin tones a buttery or peachy quality. Although warmth is high, the light to dark range is moderate, without extremes.  

Great makeup means taking what you are and adding more. The natural appearance of Springs is radiant with colour, and colour in makeup is lovely and belonging. A green-gold is included in the eyeshadow palette, with enough darkness to look more sophisticated and less candy.

The best thing about the neutral eyeshadow palettes is how easily colours may be blended to create new colours or alter textures. One of my favourite applications for True Spring’s selection is to apply the highlight beneath the brow, then mix colours 2, 3, and a touch of 5 for an excellent base eyeshadow, and finally, press the green khaki powder among the lashes in place of eyeliner. This is a quick  and simple process that results in a natural-looking eye.

Colours include (from L to R in the palette):

  • pearlized light apricot
  • frosted gold-dipped peach
  • matte medium pinkish camel
  • sparkly green khaki
  • pearlized deep yellow-based cocoa brown

Season: True  Spring.

Transformer is effective with any collection to create harmonized eyeliner with these eyeshadows, in any effect desired, from liquid to smoky. 

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