Helenite Stud Earrings – 2.9 CT Total Triangle Cut Gaia Stone, Claw Set in 925 Sterling Silver Post (Purple)

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Brand: Cortina Jewelry

Color: Purple


  • ARTISAN HANDCRAFTED JEWELRY – A unique, handmade piece with brilliant color and craftsmanship.
  • TIMELESS & MODERN – Our contemporary chic designs call back to vintage and retro styles with modern twists and updated style.
  • 925 STERLING SILVER – .925 Purity Silver ensures both a luminous shine and strong structure that will last for years.

Publisher: Twan Kee, Co

Details: Helenite is a truly uncommon stone. It was first discovered thrown in the hills surrounding Mount St. Helen’s after its fateful eruption in the early 1980’s. The massive amounts of heat and energy from the explosion had transformed the earth of the mountain into a specialized volcanic glass gemstone that shown a brilliant emerald-like green. Residents of the area hold personal collections of these natural beauties that have been scavenged from their backyards and parks. Through the clean-up, fire crews discovered additional colors of the stone appearing as they burned out residual materials from the eruption. Ruby-red, Topaz-blue, and Amethyst-like Purple have each added their beauty to the Helenite roster and each will help you achieve your personal style and expression.

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