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Medium deep fuchsia pink. Matte formulation.

Centre Stage provides a pink-red alternative for the bluer cosmetic choices in the True Summer collection, and a good balance for the brighter or darker colours in the palette, such as navy blue. For the woman with less contrast and a more softly blended appearance, the colour blots to a pretty and natural stain. Combine it with Flash Bulb to create a variety of pinks and purples which can be adjusted to the intensity you desire and work well together in terms of texture. Mixed with Lavender gloss, the colour becomes a cool (but not ashy) pale pink, may be a great nude pink for this Season, and creates a lovely violet glow that is so flattering with this colouring. In a mixture with the gloss, Upgrade, the result is a rich candy pink that approaches Winter brightness and may be too bright for many True Summers.

Matte formulations are opaque and drier than cremes, and take a little more time and attention to apply. Once on the lips, they form a comfortable and long wearing layer that may be worn alone or with a gloss over top. 

Season: True Summer.

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