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Bright salmon coral in a high gloss formulation. 

The application is moderately sheer. For many Bright Springs, this colour is a dream come true. The colour is in the  middle warmth range for the Season with a colour effect that is impacting enough to define the mouth and balance the apparel, yet softened by the sheerness and gloss finish..

If you are discovering cosmetics for the first time, or are young in age or appearance, or prefer a no-makeup look, Lip Love may feel bright. This  is still a beautiful colour that can be blotted gently. Other options are Brilliant gloss in the Bright Spring collection or Sundancer from the Light Spring collection.

Because the colour and application are quieter than Peony in the Bright Spring collection, and still warm-neutral, Light Spring women may enjoy the colour to create a brighter lip. Try it first; Lip Love may exceed the brightness limit for many Light Springs, where the lipstick is seen before the eyes, instead of supporting and enhancing the eyes. All makeup is ultimately eye makeup. 

For True Spring women who test near Bright Spring and would like a pinker option in lipstick, this is also one to try. As with Light Spring, the colour may reach the brightness ceiling for the Season but the sheerness gives the colour more ability to adapt than opaque colour might.

Seasons: Bright Spring, Light Spring, True Spring.

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