Lipstick: Red Amaryllis


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Begins as a bright pink red from the tube, in a creme formulation. 

Within a few seconds to a minute, the colour settles into a perfect rich and natural red, or the colour changes into a rusty colour that is too dark for this lightest, brightest Winter. For the woman whose appearance is both medium to dark (in eyes, skin, or hair) and gives the impression of warmth (ginger red tones in hair, or yellow, green, or brown in eyes), this is one to try.

Very few cosmetics exist that a Winter woman would buy without testing. Cosmetics, especially lipstick, need a few minutes to warm to our skin temperature and adjust with our skin chemistry. This is most true of reds, and therefore applies most to the Winter groups, and perhaps this Season in particular. Colour balance is finely tuned and the colouring is highly sensitive to degrees of colour. 

Season: Bright Winter.

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