Lipstick: Red Hollyhock


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Warm smoky red of moderate darkness in a creme formulation.

For Dark Autumn, this is the evening-out red. The colour has an Old Hollywood feel, as the brightest of the lip colours for this Season. Over-saturation, meaning colour that is too strong or concentrated, can happen even with cosmetic colours within the Season and depends on both the intensity of the cosmetic pigments and the chemistry of the individual woman. Spice Cake gloss in the centre of the lips over Red Hollyhock tones the brightness slightly with a striking shimmering bronzed effect. 

Winter influence brings with it brighter colours in a wider light to dark range. Increments between colours tend to be bigger, compared to other Seasons where steps between colours are smaller. Winter also means red, either in or near the true reds, a colour family that evokes strong reactions. Each woman also has preferences in how natural or dramatic she wants her makeup to look. Try several reds before choosing your best.

Season: Dark Autumn.

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