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Beautiful bright red, very slightly warmed with a barely perceptible gold sheen in a matte formulation.

All 3 Winters (Bright, True, and Dark) might try this colour.

This is an exciting colour that maintains its brightness and has definite cosmetic impact, creating a lively look with red and gold, both enhancing to Dark Winter colouring. The brightness is high and is often preferred by women under 30 or those seeking a bold lip effect.

As a pure red with high saturation and gold sheen that is barely visible, True Winters may find their red, particularly if the eye or hair colour include versions of yellow, gold, amber, ginger, or red.

Ruby Ruby reaches or  exceeds the saturation for Dark Winter and is one that Bright Winters should try with their colour analysts. Russian from the the Dark Winter collection is darker and more muted, making it perhaps less suitable for Bright Winter (and more for Dark or True Winter).

Matte formulations are opaque and drier than cremes, and take a little more time and attention to apply. Once on the lips, they form a comfortable and long wearing layer that may be worn alone or with a gloss over top. 

Season: Dark Winter, True Winter, Bright Winter.

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