Lipstick: Sundancer


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Clear pink coral with definite brightness from a moderate pigment deposit, fine gold shimmer, and glossy formulation.

One to try for women who may desire a brighter option, who have one or more features with moderate darkness (such as red or ash brown tones in hair or darker brows), or as a summertime or evening colour to take the place of red for these occasions. 

In all Seasons, the brightest lipsticks are sometimes worn most naturally by mature women. While young faces can look edgy or on-trend with bright or strong lips, the colour is impacting and noticed. On mature faces, the colour often settles into a perfectly defined mouth that is in balance with the other features. Sundancer is often preferred among mature Light Springs and very bright on the young, but like all lip colours, it should be tried. At times, its brightness and shimmer are too much for a mature face and Honey Mandarin is the better choice.

Bright Spring may enjoy the brightness and lift, especially for the woman who has a light or young overall appearance or prefers a more natural makeup look. Sundancer has the warmth and delicacy of Spring, along with the purity of pigment that Bright colouring requires for energy and balance.

Seasons: Light Spring, Bright Spring. 

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