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Each set contains a sample of all cosmetic colours and products currently available for a Season.

Within any Season, cosmetics may look slightly different on various women. We all have nuances in our complexions, variations in skin chemistry, and different eye and hair colours, all of which affect the final appearance of colours applied directly to the skin (compared with clothing or jewelry). We also have our own preferences in cosmetic formulations and desired effects.

What you can do:

1. See visual harmony. What does it look like? Once you see it, you’ll recognize how each colour has a reason for being there, how it belongs with the others and is able to form relationships with your own colours.

2. Make good decisions about new and old products. Use the swatches from the set as a basis for adding new colours or excluding others from your current cosmetic collection.

3. Find your preferences. Try out a variety of colours and cosmetic formulations for your Season.

4. Try before you buy. New colours and techniques can be tested without committing to full size product.

5. Imagine the colours in other contexts. You may find a great hair colour idea, a brow powder or contour in an eyeshadow, or a blouse in one of the eyeshadow accent colours. Your colours are your colours for everything you buy. See them in one iteration and recognize them in another.

6. Mix the colours to develop the many beautiful possibilities.


Colours may be discontinued by the manufacturer at short notice and may no longer be available in full size versions for purchase. It may be possible to match the sample with colours available in retail stores.

New colours may arrive at any time. If your purchase is complete when this happens, the new colour will not be included. Try the colours in your set. If you like them, chances are that you’ll be pleased with new colours. You might also read product descriptions for the colours set and formulations in your set to become familiar with what to expect from new colours.


Samples in this set:

Lipstick ($2.25 each): Chili, Carnelian, Rum n Raisin, Smudge.

Lipgloss ($2.25 each): None.

5-pan neutral eyeshadow palette ($3.95 each): 5 colours as shown in palette here in the Shop

Eyeshadow accent ($2.25 each): After Dark.

Blush ($2.25 each): Tiger Lily.

Contour ($2.25 each): None.

(Brow colours and Transformer are not included.)

Season: True Autumn.

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