skyjewels Round Black Diamond 4mm Beads Necklace in 18K Gold Clasp 20″

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Brand: skyjewels


  • Name of Stone – Round Black Diamond
  • Size of Diamonds – 4mm
  • Length of Necklace – 20 inches
  • Clasp – 925 Sterling Silver
  • Origin of Diamonds – Central Africa( conflict free)

Publisher: Skyjewels

Details: This is an elegant Black Diamonds necklace. The Diamonds are with Excellent cut and the facets catch the light brilliantly and have magnificent Sparkle and Luster. BLACK DIAMONDS: What are Black Diamonds? Black Diamonds are of Carbonado variety. Carbonado, commonly known as the “Black Diamond”, is the toughest form of natural diamond. It is found primarily in alluvial deposits in the Central Africa Republic and in Brazil Its natural color is Black or dark Grey, and it is more porous than other diamonds. Carbonados have been dated from 2.6 to 3.8 billion years old, which also might explain why they have only been found in Brazil and in the Central African Republic. During that span of the Earth’s history, what is now Brazil may have been joined to the western coast of Africa. (This “Super Continent” pairing actually preceded the better-known Gondwanaland). It is possible that a diamond meteorite struck the Earth at that time, accounting for Carbonado’s current distribution. It has also been established that that it rains Diamonds in the planet Jupiter. Black Diamonds are Incredibly beautiful Gemstone Black, moreover, very mysterious. As you know, White and colorless Diamonds are mined deep underground, while the black diamonds are almost on top of the ground or in the uppermost layers. How are they treated: Black Diamonds when mined are Grey in color and need treatment to bring out its Black Color. They are treated with High Pressure and High Temperature (HPHT). This treatment does not alter the nature of the Diamonds and neither does it diminish its value. They are not irradiated and neither any artificial coloring matter or chemicals added to the same. Will they last forever? Diamonds are always forever and will also retain their shine and luster as if new. What Guarantee do you offer? We have a 100% no questioned asked money back policy.