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| Queenie: Flesh-tone Lips for Dark Winter

Queenie: Flesh-tone Lips for Dark Winter

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True Story was a high performing lipstick in the Dark Winter collection of the BLUEPRINTS cosmetics line (from the Shop on this website). Unfortunately, the colour has been discontinued and sold out.

As you can see from the image below, True Story and True Brit are very close. Your monitor may show the colours as quite different, or other than how they appear to you when you wear them. Still, as colour ranges in Seasons go, they’re close.

Cosmetic colours are d/c in any product line as pigments become unavailable or for other reasons. To choose replacements, I explore the many looks possible in any Season for all the ways that women want to wear makeup.

I’ve always been curious about flesh-tones, as in nude-neutral colours, for the Dark Seasons, which include Dark Autumn and Dark Winter. Their Autumn component implies that variations of brown as darkened complexion colour could look healthy in lip colour. Dark Autumn is easy to imagine with the higher Autumn contribution as spicy rust. For Dark Winter, I had  never been able to settle on a colour, although I imagined that adding Winter red and blue would result in dark red coral, like purple rust.

Enter Queenie, in many ways the next level of Soft Summer’s Ruby Slippers (not shown), which in turn is a more sheer, brown-mauve version of Soft Summer Delicacy.

 A couple of clients tried it for me. They said,


“I’m a little bit smitten.”


“I love the purple undertones. They go with the purples tones in my hair and eyes.”


We all want cosmetics to be perfect from the tube but those are less common. The great colours are often another layer away, to sheer, shine, gloss, warm, cool, lighten, soften, or whatever is needed.

I’m willing to give 10-15 minutes to applying makeup. The product is so wonderfully adherent that I smear it on without being too careful, staying within the edges of a long-wear lip-coloured liner applied first. Queenie is a touch darker, cooler, and more matte in its reflectivity than I prefer, all of which I adjust with a quick layer of Organika CoQ10 lip balm, here at well.ca.

Smack my lips a few times and the colour covers the lip area, lightens and softens just right, and has a slight sheen without being greasy. The balm is sticky enough to stay inside the lip line and last a long time. No lip liner needed, colour lasts the morning with only balm or gloss reapplications, and could easily qualify as a My Lips But Better (MLBB) contender. Might look blue-ish in morning light and warmer in sunlight, like everything else.

A colour perceptive client whose colouring is a trace brighter and darker than mine adjusts Queenie with an application of Yves St. Laurent 59, a light shimmering golden melon, and sometimes wears it mixed with True Brit, also from the Dark Winter collection.

9 Thoughts on Queenie: Flesh-tone Lips for Dark Winter

  • Marianne

    Very interesting! From the color samples here, I’d say I’d actually be somewhere in between Soft Summer and Dark Winter…

  • Melina

    So few comments on this one 😮 Not sure why. Anyway, I’ll add mine, just to say those look gorgeous lipsticks!

  • Abir

    I’m so glad you did a post on natural lip colors for dark winters. The best natural lipstick I have found has been Clinique dark honey since it’s sheer but dark. Christine, would that be dark winter?
    Penelope Cruz had one of the most natural dark winter lipsticks I’ve seen when she was young. Truth is beauty blog has a photo of it on a blog post. It’s browner than Queenie but similar tone. Christine, do you have a lipstick color like that one? Would you think about making one?
    Thank you!

    • Christine Scaman

      I have never tested Black Honey, Abir, so I couldn’t comment on the Season. Thank you for sharing the link to Rachel’s post. I don’t have a colour that warm in the Dark Winter group, but I wonder if something similar might be found in the Dark Autumn collection. I’d recommend trying before purchase to make sure that the effect is as you hoped.

  • Abir

    Sorry. I wrote the comment above but didn’t post the link to the blog. Here it is:

  • Mary

    Hi, I’m a dark winter and I have used Black Honey. I did use the whole tube because it does not last long. I kept trying to figure out why I kept putting it one. It dawned on me that it was too sheer and warm. There isn’t enough purple. It lacked something on my lips. I’m a dark winter with blue/yellow eyes and medium brown hair, pale skin and freckles. I always though I was a dark autumn. So, for what it’s worth, Black Honey is probably not right for us.

    • Christine Scaman

      I agree 100%, Mary. Next to Dark Winter colouring, this colour does next to nothing and doesn’t last. For women new to cosmetics, it may have some value and might be better than many other choices, but a better alternative wouldn’t be hard to find.

  • Melina

    Considering the above, I wonder why is Black Honey then nearly always recommended for DWs…? (i.e. in most makeup lists I’ve seen etc.) Puzzling.

    • Christine Scaman

      Perhaps because it’s a reasonable place to start and for many women, new to Season or new to makeup, it does just enough to feel comfortable to wear anywhere, anytime. It’s not a ceiling for DW but there are many worse choices I could think of. I’d think of it as one option among many.

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