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Request for Colour Analysis Models in Oregon

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Last month, I had the privilege of training a new colour analyst. Her name is Michelle Boni and it is my pleasure to introduce her to you today.

During the training course, students drape 7 models, with me there every step of the way. Once we leave any training course, the real practice begins. In the case of colour analysis, this includes exposure to human diversity and application of the extremely large quantity of technical information which has been shared during the course. Pattern recognition comes with time, as does the equally important concept of pattern limitation.

Michelle excelled at the technical aspects and is a truly lovely and insightful person with whom to spend time, with some of the most on-point observations regarding the impressions created by wearing certain colours that I’ve ever heard.

As part of the course, new analysts are encouraged to see 10-15 practice clients prior to opening their business, to become accustomed to working in their own space. We will introduce her business another day, probably before this year completes. For now, being new to the Portland OR area, Michelle is requesting practice clients with more information below.

The analysis process is shared with me through photographs taken under highly specified conditions. My purpose is to work through draping questions and be a colleague with whom to discuss the plausibility of the result. I cannot pronounce or confirm the Season, the limitations of photographs being too numerous regardless of the quality or accuracy. The photos never leave my computer, are deleted once the analysis is complete, and the conversation with the client remains exclusively with Michelle.

The Q&A:

Where is the studio located?

In Michelle’s home in Portland, Oregon in the United States. The address will be shared once you contact her by email.

When will Michelle be available?

By private appointment after October 10/2019. Michelle will add you to a request list and arrange scheduling. You may wish to contact her soon, as the number of clients will be limited to ten, or perhaps a few more.

Schedules must be confirmed 4 business days in advance.

What’s included?

A 3-hour personal colour analysis (PCA) using the 12 BLUEPRINTS Test Drape collection. The PCA is free of charge. The client has the option to purchase the palette afterwards with price arranged with Michelle.

Visit the Colour Analysis tab on this website and follow Be A Colour Model for more information regarding preparation.

For clients interested in cosmetics, Michelle welcomes the opportunity to practice in this aspect of colour analysis, if your interest could be indicated in the contact email. Clients who wish to purchase cosmetics may do so via this website.

Detailed information regarding the Season is not included and may be found in the e-book downloads available for purchase under the Shop tab on this website.

How to contact Michelle?

By email to

Need to know before your colour analysis?

Until Michelle’s site is up and running, please refer to the FAQs page on this site, under the Colour Analysis tab to find what to wear, what to bring, and other preparatory information.

3 Thoughts on Request for Colour Analysis Models in Oregon

  • Melina

    Oh, wish I was in Oregon, or even North American continent, to be able to take part in this 😉 But I’m in Northern Europe. Good luck to all who are able to do this!

  • Alyson

    This is no longer current, according to the consultant, who is moving elsewhere.

    • Christine Scaman

      Thanks, Alyson, the analyst will be relocating to L.A. within the next few months.

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