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Return to Your Natural Colours Edition 2

Return to Your Natural Colours Edition 2

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Here at last.

Return to Your Natural Colours Edition 2

With our appearance,

We tell the world, “This is who I am.”

Actually, “This is who I think I am.”

And they respond, “If you say so.”

On our own, we’re usually incorrect or incomplete.

As in life, we must manage our expectations of others.

With this book and the colour palette from your colour analyst, you will learn to manage what they see for your greatest result.

But, guaranteed, your Season cannot be known by reading this book. You need to visit a colour analyst first.

Return To Your Natural Colours book

Our best appearance means moving towards ourselves, the image of us painted in our own colours.

You will find your real beauty. Your colours will sing.  The shapes of your facial bones will become slender and focussed. Your ancestry may emerge.

An alternative reality might float up, the one where you were meant to live.  As you see yourself differently, holding back change may take more effort than letting it in.


> The video is also here at YouTube.


Here is what readers had to say,

I really appreciate your insight and view points. You clarified for me why I actually felt ok with some True Summer deeper tones but switched off with the rest. And how a Dark Winter can read close to other tones. I don’t care or mind if one colour school calls a celebrity e.g Dark Autumn and another Dark Winter while another will call the same people some type of Spring. I’m interested in how they got there and why, and whether the colours/energy are right for me or not. Your book settled me and I’m now very content to walk my Dark Winter road alongside your insight and to take it from there.  
Sylvie, Australia.

The book arrived yesterday.  Congratulations on the new edition!  I’ve had trouble putting it down since starting to read last night.  I enjoyed the new additions, especially the expanded make up sections and the real life examples in each chapter. Your ability to paint such vivid word pictures is exciting and inspiring.  Although I generally despise shopping, I’m filled with new motivation.  You must be proud of this new book.   I’m sure it was a lot of time and work.  Thank you for continuing to write and inspire.
Cindy, USA.


Here are the links to buy the paperback edition and the e-books for the individual Season chapters:

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Buy Season E-books

28 Thoughts on Return to Your Natural Colours Edition 2

  • Sole

    Hi Christine, will the paperback be sold on Amazon eventually? For us European readers it would mean way lower shipping costs.

    • Christine Scaman

      Thank you for your comments. I agree with you entirely. However, I am as limited as a Canadian as you may feel as EU citizens. The place to be in business is the USA, a belief that I hold more strongly with every new project.
      After extensive research into Amazon, the list of reasons why it didn’t work is fairly long. One is that their global shipping/export service is only available within the USA. Therefore, I would be required to go though the shipping cost and complexity, and IRS tax obligations of importing cases of books into that country and to AZ warehouses. For what seemed a great option, AZ created more complexity than solutions to anyone not living in the US. I looked into book distribution in Canada but the options concern themselves with domestic distribution, another dead end. Shipping into AZ’s EU warehouses introduced yet another level of headache beyond importing, namely the VAT. Although AZ is prepared to manage these steps, they require extensive registrations and fees, often in excess of the cost of the actual book.
      Whether an EU analyst is willing to take on the importing and distribution is their decision. The time, paperwork, customer management, etc required are substantial enough.
      An e-book will appear at some point. I’m presently researching platforms to give EU clients options, but as mentioned in the post, the EU places different taxations regulations on digital products since they cannot be taxed by the local Customs when they enter the country. It appears that I’d have to register for the VAT in one of the countries and then manage yet another quarterly taxation reporting and remittance, in some other currency probably. From the experiences of others in my position, I am not convinced that I want to do this.
      Shipping costs from Canada are indeed high. The surface mail option is available at $20 less shipping but, as we found with the first edition, delivery requires 2-6 months and packages seem to take the long way, although every one of them was eventually delivered.
      Again, I do apologize. If I made the rules, the world might be different.

  • Charlotte Baldur

    It would be great if one or several of the European analysts could stock some copies of your updated book and make them available for purchase in Europe. That would lower the shipping cost AND ensure that we wouldn’t be charged am arm and a leg in domestic customs charges.

  • Sole

    I am an European (hobbyist) author who has self-published several books, and who sold some ebooks in the US through Amazon; far as I know, to sell ebooks in the US no registration for VAT in that country was required of me, just the standard tax information, the same that was required to sell ebooks in Europe. When I put an ebook on Amazon, I just have to tell which countries I want the book to be sold, and that’s all. (and, at the end of the year, add the royalties I earned, which are already partly taxed before they are paid to me, to my yearly tax declaration)
    Since there are bilateral agreements between Europe and the US, and between Europe and Canada, I’m positive there is a solution that doesn’t require you to register for the VAT here in Europe, at least for the ebook, which would indeed be inconvenient.
    I also think (not 100% sure, though) that customers can actually buy ebooks from other countries’ Amazon’s website, since a single account can be used on all marketplaces with the same user name, password and credit card credentials, so I think that if you put the ebook on, we european would still be able to find and buy it by simply typing instead of,, etc.
    As for platforms, here in Italy a lot of people uses StreetLib.
    If none of this works, though, will it be possible for us Europeans to buy the book through your website?
    Not being a native English speaker, I hope I didn’t butcher the language in this comment, and that I managed to convey all I wanted to.

  • Mia Chaane

    Looking forward to the E-Book!

  • Melina

    Wowsah, do you really have an ad of your book on a London (UK) bus stop? Or is that photoshopped…? 🙂 (No offence intended, just curious!)

    • Christine Scaman

      Melina, it’s from a series of images the book designer sent for entertainment. I have them in shopping malls, magazines, and other fun (and funny) locations.

      Mia, the e-book will be a month or two but it will appear.

      Sole, thank you for this information. I looked at selling the e-book only through and opening it up to global destinations but there was some issue that I can’t recall. Maybe the VAT; AZ looks after the paperwork and sends an invoice but the seller still has to register and remit the tax. When I spoke with AZ, they stated that they ‘cannot offer tax advice and to seek the services of an accountant’. So I did that, both my own and firms in Seattle and Manhattan, and they weren’t sure about digital goods, e-commerce being a different ballpark, I suppose.

      About US Tax for Canadians, we do not need to charge it for digital goods unless we have a Nexus presence. The various states are now required to charge it of one another for tangible and digital goods, but far as I can tell, they’re only enforcing it for the big retailers.

      About EU VAT, everything I read on AZ and elsewhere suggests that we do have to charge it. The only loophole I can see is that Canadian law may excuse us from this in some way but I won’t test it without confirmation.


      Look under Conditions #2:

      Also here:

      And here:

      How SendOwl (a UK company that delivers digital products securely, which is hard to do with a simple website, and provides payment options) (scroll about 1/4 of the way down) handles EU VAT:


      How Selz handles EU VAT reporting, the shopping platform that I will probably use to sell the e-books:


      Sorry for flooding you with information. It’s so rare to find someone who can have this conversation with me 🙂 As a reward, here is more on taxation joys in the global marketplace:


      As much as sincerely regret the complications and wish it could be otherwise, my hands are tied by rules I did not invent. I will not be registering for the VAT. I console myself by comparing university costs in Europe and Canada (we pay $15,000 – 20,000 per child per year, if anybody would like to discuss that). That’s more than the $40 shipping cost for a book. I guess it all evens out somewhere.

      Come to think of it, there’s another loophole to consider. The difference between selling to the EU and from the EU, but the links above are specific and clear that digital product taxation rules apply to businesses outside the EU. At least, that’s how I read it.

      To answer your last question, will EU citizens be able to buy the e-book from my site? I don’t know yet but if the above holds true, then no. I really would like to be wrong about this and if I am, perhaps someone could tell me how. If you mean about buying the paperback, then sure, they can purchase it right now.

      And your English was excellent 🙂

      Thank you. I appreciate you sharing your experience. We are all learning.

  • Jan

    Hi Christine. I do have a question. I’ve ordered my book, but as you’ve indicated there is no tracking number available. How will I know if and when it has been shipped? Thanks.

    • Christine Scaman

      Books are shipped within 1-6 days of receiving the order.

      Actually, they are always shipped within 3 days. The 6 days allows for a few days if I am away from the inventory for a short period. Or other unforeseen delays, such as the 2-day continuous sleet storm we have just had 🙂

      It’s a great question, Jan. When you completed the checkout at PayPal, you should have been redirected to a page that acknowledges the purchase and mentions the shipping time. The page is called Book Purchase Success. Did that actually happen? PayPal doesn’t allow me to progress through the system, as a customer of my own account, and check these things.

  • Jan

    Hi Christine. The PayPal email notification indicates that my payment has been sent to you, but that “seller hasn’t provided any shipping details yet.” So far that’s all I have. I was just curious – LOL.

  • Sole

    Hi Christine, thanks for your gentle and thorough answer. I began to read the documents you linked, but I think I’ll eke them out… too many taxation joys at once could kill me 😀
    You know, it’s not the actiual cost of the shipping that make me say, let’s see if there’s another way : as you pointed out, it’s not that big a sum. It’s its being higher than the price of the good I’m buying that is annoying 😛
    I’m considering persuading someone else to buy another copy along with mine, to share shipping costs. I don’t think I’ll wait and see whether I can buy the ebook from your website, because I think the paperback is better: the colours would be more accurate than the ones I can see on the screen of my tablet.
    Thank you for your patience and kindness!

    • Christine Scaman

      Jan – thank you! So helpful to know what the customer sees.

      Sole – yes, I agree that for this book, the paperback may be better. It’s more like a textbook. And I could be wrong, but I think the Euro is stronger than the $CN? I know the US$ is stronger at the moment, by quite a big margin. This would help offset the shipping cost, because I totally get it about being annoyed when shipping exceeds the cost of the item itself.

  • Tina Csomo

    If you have the first edition, you are in for a treat, because this book is so much more detailed and in depth. Christine has clearly amassed a wealth of information since the writing of the first edition and graciously opens up that treasure trove to us. Certainly, some elements of the original book remain, but this is a brand new publication. What I love about this is, her descriptive writing forces you to engage your imagination. Even if you have read a particular chapter several times, you will learn something new each instance you review it. The tale of colors in nature has really been told, from the darkness of midnight to the heights of noontime. If you are a color and image enthusiast, I consider this publication a must have.

    • Christine Scaman

      Tina, I would like to extend personal thanks for the comment/review above. It means a lot to me that you took the time. You see the new edition in the same way that I do, but it means so much more to prospective readers coming from you. I’m going to copy your words into the next blog post since I have been asked about the difference between the two books, with your authorship acknowledged. Again, my very sincere thank you.

  • Tina Csomo

    Feel free to use it. 🙂 What an honor! 🙂

  • Alice

    I have recently read portions of RTYNC Ed. 2. (I have not read the first edition.) and have a couple questions about the color palette plates. What does “makeup” with arrow referred to in the color palette? Some of the palettes are fairly close to the TCI palettes, for example True Autumn, but Soft Autumn seems less saturated and warmer. Is this difference intended or is a product of printing. I would appreciate your explanation of these plates as I compare them to the TCI palettes. I appreciate this book.

    • Christine Scaman

      Sure, Alice. The makeup reference means that the colours in that column may serve as good choices for cosmetics. The variations in the colours are related to the printing process. They are included in the book as illustrations for the chapters and for comparison between Season but are in no way a substitute for the excellent TCI palettes, or any other palette provided by a colour analyst.
      Happy to answer any other questions you may have.

  • Kristi

    Hi Christine,
    I have the first edition and am curious the difference between the 1st and 2nd editions? Please forgive me if you have given this information elsewhere.

    • Christine Scaman

      Thank you for asking, Kristi.

      The organization is similar, with the first chapters explaining PCA in a framework of how we perceive appearance to make decisions about ourselves and others, the meaning of Season, how the 3 dimensions of colours are translated from their technical measurement and inter-relationships to their application in creating appearance in the Big Picture as well as the details, and a chapter about what happens during a PCA for folks who wonder what the experience actually is.

      After this are the 12 Season chapters. Once again, the outline is similar to the first edition, although the detail in every section is both greater in amount and in the scope of my own information and vision, across a larger group of individuals in each group. Some sections are new, such as “Being (Your Season)”, that considers how the overall appearances are similar or variable, the concepts that do and don’t apply across the Season, and sometimes, where the individuals often have room to grow.

      There are Season Snapshots, or stories of (compilations of) real people and how they applied their PCA to improving their own lives.

      In addition, many more tips are scattered throughout each chapter.

      This may be an addition to your library if you have an interest in the topic of PCA, stories of why people of various colouring chose to have the experience and their reactions, surprises, benefits, and challenges as their own colouring became known to them, how other Seasons compare to yours (and yours to theirs), and how anyone can make the most of their Season in the creation of their most flattering appearance.

      If your interest is acquiring knowledge of your Season exclusively, you might wait for the e-books (if you live in N. Am., they will not be available elsewhere due to tax regulations on digital products). They are expected to be for sale when the new website launches in August, 2018.

  • Alice

    Christine, Thank you very much for explanation about the palettes. I found your comment in the book about eyes being the jewels of the face and that clothes and make up should enhance the eyes thought provoking. I took the time today to identify more carefully the color wreath around my pupils – Harvest Gold (a la our 1970s Kenmore refrigerator) in muted blue eyes. This turned out to be a really useful short cut for what colors are pleasing to me: if I hold a color next to my eye and it looks good with my eye color combo, then it looks good on me. I must have been comparing colors to my eyes but this really gets to the heart of it. It probably works overall because this harvest gold is about my hair highlight and freckle color. I never would have picked “Harvest Gold” anything but I have come to appreciate how it enhances the rest of my coloring. Thank you for helping me get there.

    • Christine Scaman

      Glad it helped, Alice. Autumn colouring (assuming this from Harvest Gold) has several fabulous shortcuts and one is to find their hair highlight within the colours of the eye. Glad you found it useful and thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  • Alice

    Yes, True Autumn per Kaarin Huffman. (I was in total shock at that determination 2 years ago. I have come to wrap my head around it but am still trying to determine my best version of it. 🙂

  • Julia

    Looking forward to ordering a copy. It would be very interesting and helpful to see all the seasons, their similarities and differences in one book.

  • Julia

    The book is full of in-depth information on all seasons and how they are interconnected. Very useful in getting a better feel of the differences and similarities. Glad I bought it!

    • Christine Scaman

      Thank you, Julia, for sharing your comments. I am thankful to know that you found information of value to you.

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