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We are often asked whether Seasons have inheritance patterns in families. The answer is yes, of course, but they can be unpredictable.

It may be that every child except one is similar to the parents. The children that are the same in Season as the parents may have very different natural colouring. For example, Dad may be Bright Winter with medium brown hair and dark yellow-brown eyes. Child is Bright Winter with very dark brown hair and green-brown eyes.

In a 60-40 or maybe 70-30 ratio, spouses are often very close in Season. In my early days, this used to worry me quite a bit. It doesn’t any more. They might not look alike, and yet they turn out to be a Dark Autumn and a Dark Winter. Or they are a Bright Winter and Bright Spring that look similar and as the story unfolds,  it turns out that they met by being cast as brother and sister in a play.

Family stories are one of my favourite things about being a colour analyst. I love clients in family groups, which I’ve said once or twice. By once or twice, I mean a couple hundred times, to quote Justin Bieber and probably someone else before that. As privileged as I feel to be a colour analysts, sharing the love, history, and support in the room with families is always special.

From various charts I found through Google, brown eyes and dark hair are dominant. Red hair and straight hair are recessive. Freckles are dominant, so is a streak of white hair. As with so much about human pigmentation, there is more to be known. Many genes are involved in the colours of each pigment, different genes becoming more active under certain circumstances. Eight genes are known to participate in the colour of melanin alone, though the total number may be greater than eight.

To organize some of the information and see if patterns emerged, our colour analyst group took a poll of Seasons within our families.

Sarah Frazier is in Bellevue, NE.

Visit Sarah at her website,  Color With A Purpose

Sarah Frazier Personal Colour Analyst  

Sarah is a Dark Winter.

Father: Bright Winter

Mother: Dark Autumn

Both sisters: Bright Winter

My dad is a BW, my mom DA, I’m DW, and my two sisters are BW’s.

Nadine Laniado is in Oakhurst, NJ.

Meet Nadine through Facebook on the ColorHue Design page.

Nadine Laniado colour seasons in families

Nadine and her husband are True Winters.

Her mother: True Winter.

Husband’s mother: Dark Winter

Daughter: Dark Winter

Daughter: Bright Spring

Son: True or Bright Winter (probable, not yet draped)

Sister: Dark Autumn

Nadine and her husband  both have brown hair and eyes with olive skin. Two of the children have blond hair and blue eyes.

Shahna McNally is in Edmonton, Alberta.

Visit Shahna at U in Colour

Shahna McNally dark autumn colour

Shahna: Dark Autumn

Mother: Dark Winter

Father : probable Dark Winter

Husband: Light Summer.

Child: Soft Autumn

Child: Dark Winter

Child: Dark Autumn (unconfirmed)

Cate Linden is located in Louisville, KY, and travels widely in the US to meet people who want to know their colouring.

Meet Cate on her website at Cate Linden Chromatics.

Cate Linden colour analyst

Cate: Dark Autumn

Mother: Dark Winter

Husband (former): True Winter

Daughter: Bright Winter

Son: Bright Winter (unconfirmed)

Cate’s sister: possible Dark Winter

My mom is DW, I’m DA, my ex husband is TW, our daughter is BW. I suspect my son is also a BW. Sister DW probable.

Johanna Jarvinen is our analyst near Helsinki (Espoo), Finland.

Johanna’s website is Flow With Nature.

Johanna Jarvinen bright spring colour

Johanna: Bright Spring

Mother: Bright Spring

Mother’s sister, brother, and his children: Bright Spring very possible, all bright blondes.

Amanda Brown has a PCA studio in Onalaska, WI.

Meet Amanda on FB at Color Therapy PCA

Amanda Brown Personal Colour Analyst

Amanda: Soft Summer

Mother: Dark Winter

Sister: True Summer

Ksenia Zvyagina is our analyst in Moscow, Russia.

Ksenia’s website can be found at Beauty In Bloom.

Ksenia Zvyagina bright spring colour analyst

Ksenia: Bright Spring

Father: Dark Winter

Mother: Light Spring

Sister: True or Bright Winter (probable)

Dad’s brother and his daughter: Dark Winter

Husband: True Winter

Rachel Nachmias is located in Philadelphia, PA.

Visit Rachel’s website at Best Dressed.

Rachel Nachmias personal colour analyst

Rachel: Bright Winter

Mother: Dark Autumn

Father: Bright Winter

Brother: Dark winter

Maternal grandmother: Soft Summer (her father and sister possible Dark Autumn)

Courtenay St. John Gibson sees clients  in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Visit Courtenay at her website, Studio St. John

Courtenay personal colour analyst

Courtenay: Light Spring

Husband: Light Spring

Mother and Aunt: Bright Winter

Husband’s mother: Light Spring

Husband’s sister: True Spring

Daughter: Bright Winter (with three possibly Bright Winter children)

Christine Scaman is in London, Ontario, Canada.

This is her website.

Christine 12blueprints personal colour analyst

Christine: Dark Winter

Father: Dark Autumn

Mother: Light Summer

Sister: Light Summer

Brother: Dark Winter

Husband (former): True Winter

Child: Dark Winter

Child: True  Winter

Child: True Summer

Many thanks to Susan for sharing yet another lovely featured image for this post.


14 Thoughts on Seasons in Families

  • "; ?> Maria Mironenko

    Hi Christine, thank you for this interesting article!

    One question! I went to the Courtenay’s website (she looks so fabulous on the pic here) and on page Bio she writes following about her daughter:
    “She was an “Autumn with Summer influence.” This meant that khaki and dusty yellows were good for her – and she did look wonderful in those colors. It was not surprising that she had looked so sickly before—little girls’ clothing in the 1980s was pink, lavender and blue.”

    However in this article her daughter is described as bright winter. Did her colours season change so drastically since 6yo? Autumn and Bright Winter are pretty much different seasons.

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      I am not certain of the answer, Maria. I have asked Courtenay to come in and answer your Q.

  • "; ?> Laurel Harrington

    I am a trained amateur.
    Me TW
    Mom DA
    Sister: TSum
    Sister: SSum
    Daughter: SSum
    Daughter: Lsum
    Daughter: BSp
    All draped by me except me of course!

  • "; ?> Jonna

    This is so fascinating; the family dynamic and how the parents coloring mixes and matches to render each child their specific season.
    I dream of having the picket change to have a color analysis done, but for now, I’m fairly certain I’m either a Light Summer or Light Spring. The difference isn’t large enough for me to lose sleep over, since avoiding autumn and winter colors is already a vast improvement. Maybe someday!
    In my free time I speculate and ponder my own family and friends. Its all just speculation of course, only draping could actually prove anything.
    That being said, my mother looks like a straight up True Summer if there ever was one. Personality and all. My dad is warm… I’m not sure if he’s a Spring of some sort or an Autumn, it feels like both. So then: my Mom ( TrSu) + my Dad (Sp/Au) = Brother (TrSu), Me (LSu/LSp), Brother (WmSu/LSu/ ?)
    My family ( possibly) is this:
    Me ( LSp/LSu) + Husband (Au)= Son ( LSu), Daughter ( LSp/TrSp), Baby ( too little to tell, but reddish hair)
    When you lay it out like an equation it’s easy to see how a True Summer mother could give her child the hushed, coolness of summer while a Spring father could give a ash of lightness and sunshine, creating a Light Summer. So, so fascinating.

  • "; ?> Linda

    (all unconfirmed, but sister 1 and I are pretty sure).
    Me: true spring
    Mother was one of the spring/summer mixes
    Father: some winter/autumn mix
    Sister 1: true autumn
    Sister 2: summer (possibly some winter)

  • "; ?> Linda

    Although sister 2 might also be a dark winter. Definitely on the cooler side.

  • "; ?> Courtenay St. John

    Hi Maria,

    There are two daughters, one is the red-head, Moira (BW) who is also on the website. The second is the Soft Autumn. Incidentally, their Dad is not my Light Spring husband.

    My father, paternal grandmother and brother, although never draped, all have lots of warmth in their skin. They appear to be some blend of a warm season (but not a Bright). I often am told I resemble that grandmother.

    On my mother’s side, Bright Winter is common.

  • "; ?> Melina

    To be honest, I’m quite confused by this – if seasons in families as affected by genes are the topic here, then why bring in anyone’s *husband*, as that’s of course no blood (genetic) relation..? That just isn’t scientific at all, and I thought Sci/Art was based on science…

    And in any case, I really don’t believe there is any correlation in seasons between (even) blood relatives, we are all so much individuals, and looking at everyone I know seems to verify that. 😉

  • "; ?> Alice

    Husband: Soft Summer
    Daughter: Light Spring
    Me: True Autumn
    all draped by Kaarin Huffman in 2016
    My husband and I truly wore each other’s palettes for years before we were draped. Now that we have appropriate wardrobes, my husband no longer looks jaundiced and I have some tone to my skin!

  • "; ?> KH

    Me: Bright Winter
    Husband: Bright Winter
    Son: Bright Winter
    Daughter: Bright Spring
    Daughter: Soft Summer

  • "; ?> Federica

    Hi Christine,is it possible that the colouring changes a bit after the pregnancy?

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Yes, I have heard of this, Federica. I cannot say whether the woman changes Season or just changes within the same Season. I also wonder if this is more likely with pregnancies before 30 when darkening is expected in the 20s in many people.

  • "; ?> Joan

    My mother, a very freckled redhead, was draped as a Winter back around 1990. The change from beige to navy was a big improvement.

    My sister and I have extremely similar coloring (to each other, not to our mother). I assumed we would both be some sort of Summer. However, it turns out that while I am a True Summer, she is a Soft Autumn.

  • "; ?> MK

    This is very interesting and something I’ve wondered about often.

    Me – True Summer
    Hubby – Light Summer
    Dad – Bright Winter
    Mom – Soft Autumn
    Sister – Bright Winter
    Brothers – True Winter, Dark Winter, Soft Summer
    Maternal Grandfather – ? (Likely some kind of Autumn)
    Maternal Grandmother – True Winter
    Paternal Grandmother – Dark Winter
    Paternal Aunt & Uncle (Dad ‘s siblings)- Bright Winter
    Paternal Grandfather – True Summer

    Oddly enough, I get my Season from the grandparent with whom I also shared many food sensitivities, introversion, certain facial features, and the tendency to burn in the sun. His mother was likely a Light Spring. Both sides are of European descent (mostly French on my Dad’s side), English, and Irish.

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