Shipping is via Canada Post from London, Ontario, Canada.

The paperback book and Neutrals Sets ship to all global destinations. 

Cosmetics and e-books ship to North American destinations only. 

To purchase cosmetics in the EU, please contact Anna Lazarska at The Perfect Mood Board (Poland). This is an independent store, with inventory, shipping destinations, taxation, and all other policies determined solely by Anna. Products which have not (yet) received approval for the EU: Matte Contour powders, Transformer, and Soft Summer’s Lip Gloss (actually a Lip Glaze), Fly Away. 

For products linked to Amazon, shipping destinations will be indicated by Amazon. 

Delivery times are approximate because transit times through each country’s Customs cannot be predicted:
– 5-8 business days in Canada
– 10-14 business days to the US 
– 2- 4 weeks to the EU
– 3-6 weeks for other destinations