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Soft Autumn Jewelry

Soft Autumn Jewelry

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Soft Autumn word pictures are quiet, softly golden, warm but not hot, matter or softly lustrous, and naturally earthy.

This is my sister-in-law, Holly. She is the perfect model of the Soft Autumn.


In 12 Season Personal Colour Analysis, this colouring group is primarily defined by Autumn colour characteristics, which are warm, muted, and dark. A trace of Summer lives in this blueprint, making them a Neutral Season (ie: a blend of 2 True Seasons), cooling and lightening the palette. Since both Autumn and Summer colours are soft, this group enjoys a double dose of softness.

Quietly sensual is the impression. Natural stones and metals flatter more than plastic, large pieces of cool metal, or anything that appears artificially coloured. The sensation is of comfort and nurture.

Pink delight.

The woman in the photo below might be a Soft Autumn. Without being draped, who knows? Her squared jaw and warm Autumn look, modified by Summer softness and delicate skin, are featured in many members of this Season.


As a Neutral Season, silver looks great next to the skin. Softly brushed surfaces, especially for larger items, is attractive and avoids sharp highlights. Warm silver, such as pewter, can be beautiful in many darkness levels.

Use the yellows in your palette to guide your choice of gold. Light warm gold is lovely; darker choices are antiqued and may be slightly greenish. A brushed or rubbed finish on metals is belonging, and shiny surfaces can work too as long as the yellow is soft, not sharp like dandelion.

Semi-precious stones and gems are gorgeous. Turquoise, coral, jade, amber, topaz, or any stone that is mined from the Earth itself and offers a soft and gentle glow is lovely.

Treasure Trove 3.

The natural radiance of these persons is a wonder of easy colour. The luminosity and touch of warm sun feels like a vanilla and brown sugar scented candle or a mid-afternoon glass of wine on the beach.



15 Thoughts on Soft Autumn Jewelry

  • "; ?> Holly Grasse

    Hey Christyne,
    I feel like you just read my palm. Do you do horoscopes? What you say is so true about jewelry, I only like very natural uncomplicated pieces. I see other women wearing bit artsy colourful necklaces and I like the look but it is a style that never feels right on me. I am always fighting with ‘why doesn’t this suit me?”
    I always wear a simple gold necklace, and have for years, however this year I have started wearing 2 other peices, one a simple square soft green pendant and secondly a dark wooden swirl pendent on a thin clear wire which I also love. I feel they are wildly different for me, yet I love their natural simple style.
    Love you writing.


  • "; ?> luana

    Great Post Christine, I was looking forward to read it.
    The Pink ear rings are really nice, very good explanation.


  • "; ?> Caroline

    I enjoyed reading your post. I loved when you said that Soft Autumns should think, “quiet, softly golden, warm but not hot…” This advice is spot-on and really helpful for jewelry, clothes, and cosmetics. I will repeat that mantra in my head when I go shopping.

  • "; ?> Shirley

    I never figured out why plain gold necklaces weren’t working for me until now. I always need a pattern or twisted pieces to soften the brightness. Shopping for new accessories takes me deeper into this journey.

    I’ve always loved this old earth and everything that grows from it–yet I’m not particularly an outdoorsey type.

  • "; ?> Jessica

    I love the idea of jewelry that harmonizes with my seasonal palette – not just in color, but in style. As a soft summer, I have a difficult time choosing jewelry for myself. I browse the earrings every time I go into a department store or Target, but nothing feels right. Silver is too harsh and cold; gold is often too yellow; plastics just look out of place. I end up wearing the same small gold hoops every day because I don’t know what else to wear. Do your observations about soft autumn’s jewelry also apply to soft summer?

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Hi, Jessica,

      GREAT question, for so many reasons. The colours don’t exist in isolation. They are very tightly tied to the lines, the style, the feeling that each piece conveys, whether the piece be earrings or a couch or shoes.
      Soft Summer and Soft Autumn have a lot in common, namely their most defining feature of low contrast in all things, not even a line of dark eyeliner. The jewelry would certainly be able to move back and forth. In my head, though, they’re still quite distinct. Sarah Jessica Parker feels different to look at than Lindsay Lohan.
      Women’s most powerful resource is our intuition, our sixth senses, or feelings about the rightness or wrongness of things. It’s just that we’ve been taught not to listen. Educational systems and society reward linear left-brain thinking because it’s more predictable and controllable. If your voice tells you that it feels different, then trust that it is.
      Such a deep answer when you thought you asked a simple question! True Summer Jewelry will publish in a day or 2, upon Searcy’s request so she can go shopping. I’ll get to work on Soft Summer, in honor of your question.

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  • "; ?> Jenny

    I have a question – SA’s can supposedly wear both gold and silver jewelry because they are a neutral season. I’ve found gold ‘blends’ better with my colouring, no surprise. However, I find it to be too gold and harsh against my skin since it’s very pale and very neutral even though it goes with my eyes and hair (which are mid-tone and more warm). I find silver looks too cold on me – especially against my warmer eyes and hair. So I’m finding it difficult to find jewelry. Is there anything that’s better for a SA? I saw rose gold jewelry in a few SA outfit sets and I wonder if this is better? Or pearls?

  • "; ?> Lena


    Cream-colored ( not white ) pearls look lovely on SAs. You might also try yellow gold with a matte finish rather than a shiny finish. It is less harsh looking.

  • "; ?> Shirley


    Ditto on the matte gold and cream pearls, and oxidized silver looks good on SA’s (I don’t like matte silver–it looks cheap to me). Rose gold is good just not too shiny, I saw someone with large soft salmon colored beads recently and looked great.

  • "; ?> Jen

    Ok, thank you very much. I am finding a simple pearl necklace and studs in cream and peach pink work very nicely as they are ‘mellow’ enough for my colouring.

  • "; ?> jezseeca

    so interesting!

  • "; ?> Soliwo

    Copper also work well in my experience. I have always had a distaste for anything to dainty, but I am starting to notice that, small minimalistic jewellery works really well, and better than the true autumn wooden beaded things that I usually wear.

  • "; ?> Diana

    Hi Christine,

    thanks for another lovely article. I went to a color typing session and got identified as soft-warm-light in this order. Does that mean I’m a soft autumn?

    Thanks so much!

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      I am not able to answer, Diana. It would be great for consumers if there were terminology across colour systems that mean the same palette, but that’s not how it is. As much as different systems are a good thing in that they all have good ideas, I understand that it gets confusing. IDK what soft/warm/deep means. Best thing is to pick one system and stick with it. What you want is to buy good stuff in stores. Use the palette they gave you to do just that.

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