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Soft Autumn Landscapes in Clothes and Makeup Plus Blue

Soft Autumn Landscapes in Clothes and Makeup Plus Blue

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For those here for the first time, in 12 Seasons personal colour analysis, Soft Autumn is the type of natural colouring or Season that is mostly governed by Autumn’s personal colour palette, with a small but important influence from Summer.

In the previous Soft Autumn Landscapes, we thought about how perfectly Kristin’s photos of Belgian scenes depicted Soft Autumn’s palettes and colour language. How does this translate in your appearance? How do you take the beauty of how you already are and elevate it, level by level, by repeating it in perfect harmony with the original?

Very muted means no element will be bold, cold, hard, sharp, super-shiny, super-sleek, or extreme in any way. White and black, both extremes, are outsiders. I hope Kristin will forgive me if I show you white and black on Soft Autumn using her photos.

How do you feel about the white dot? And the black one? Once you have seen the white dot, does your eye keep coming back to it? Picture it as white jeans on a woman and attire coloured like the rest of the picture.

Soft autumn landscape

A cordial relationship with white is near impossible. The rest of the scenery (person) becomes grayer. The white glows more and the person mutes more.


Colour schemes are not necessarily analogous or monochromatic, but rather depict easy, easy transitions. The low saturation (meaning high degree of grayness) unites the colours, enabling the gorgeously unrestricted visual flow from one element to the next. Without extremes of light and dark, contrast is low.

I like complements on this group too. With the simultaneous warm and cool presence of Neutral Seasons, you often see a blue-ish eye and orange-ish hair.
Soft autumn orange clothes

The coral sleeveless top: The beading is not in high contrast to the top and it’s muted, not sparkly. Peanut shells (a big SA visual for me, in texture, strength, fibers, and colour) do not sparkle. Brown is not too hot, quite grey, and not extremely dark, so Nutella brown. The fabric drapes a bit (Summer grace) but has some structure (Autumn substance). It’s not gauze. We’re aiming for a medium overall darkness effect.

The leopard cardigan: It’s quiet, not a Hawaiian print, geometric, or outright floral. You’re not wearing the whole animal, which would smother SA in the drama. Muted animal prints work well to convey the strength and texture that so defines the Season, but this is controlled and cooled, very neutral. I’d add a more substantial belt to add strength through natural texture (Autumn).

The twinset: The jeans are browned. The peach brown tank is browned, nothing candy or blossom about it, which would be Spring. Summer brings femininity and flowers are great, but not a profusion of blooms. The octagonal shapes remind of flowers, but with more structure and rigidity. On a Spring, this would look like, I don’t know, a medieval church? Too ordered, which on them proceeds to, > recurring > mechanical > heavy > clunk. A Dark Autumn can take medieval weight all the way to heavy, leaded stained glass and just look better.

Brown cardi: There are vines (Summer) in an earthy (Autumn) colour. To balance the waviness, the skirt has more sustenance, more grounding and squaring. These bodies tend to be more squared than rounded, though some have very womanly Summer bodies.

The blue top and the grey Bermudas: A reminder that all Neutral Seasons have cool and warm versions of every colour, of the importance of neutrals, and a segue into the next section.


Blue is inherently cool and has more options in the cool Seasons. Once the warmth of Autumn gold or Spring yellow start mixing in, blues becomes greener, as teal in various darkness levels.

In the picture below:

Soft autumn blue women's clothing

Across the top, SA blues. On the left, that’s about as light as blue (or any colour) gets. The darkness range really hugs the medium section of the scale.

Across the bottom from L to R,

– the blue tyedye long dress is True to Soft Summer, still soft but distinctly cooler, a little fresher.

– the purple dress is contains too much red to harmonize easily with the palette, as the blouse in the panel marked 4

– the one next to the right (so 3rd from L) is better is calmer, but bluer would be better, more muted periwinkle and less purple, such as the handbag in the panel marked 5

– the last from L, is dark, as Autumn can be, as long as the darkness is muted; a little more visible gray would be better but with a light jacket, and depending on natural pigmentation, it could work well in a large area.


Soft autumn clothing and accessories


Soft autumn clothing

A Park in Paris

An inspiring closing note that another Susan shared with me for you to enjoy (and on behalf of all of us, I thank her). This is the Parc Luxembourg in Paris. How you might feel sitting on one of those benches, surrounded by those colours and textures, that light and temperature, represent Soft to True Autumn beautifully.

Soft autumn paris park




49 Thoughts on Soft Autumn Landscapes in Clothes and Makeup Plus Blue

  • "; ?> Mirabela

    Wonderful article, Christine! Thank you!

  • "; ?> Melinda

    I love the color representation here. I was thinking about textiles and how certain things can affect a colors shade. I have noticed as a TA that usually muted or matte fabrics work well for me as well as in my makeup. One of my sisters (who has done a lot of art) mentioned how shine can alter a color making it appear lighter or brighter rather than muted. I thought that was interesting and I was wondering if that affects seasons and draping? Also, I am a bit confused about the cardigan with all the designs. It struck me as being too busy for a soft atumns natural flow and transition when I first looked at it, so I was wondering what influences made that one work?

    As always, much appreciation and respect to all. :o)

  • "; ?> Melinda

    I always forget to do the right smilie! lol 🙂

    I also forgot to ask about lace. Does it work with SA or TA?

  • "; ?> Ashley

    I know what you mean about white. There’s that “Huagh, DayGlo!” effect.

    Thanks for addressing makeup! I remember looking at some SA makeup swatches and thinking, “Ugh, how dull.” I’m finally beginning to understand that the makeup is so dull because Softs CANNOT take any more saturation. I’ve put on dusty-looking lip colors, and they’ve turned bright on me.

    Concerning specific shades:

    * The Maybelline Browntones duo might be another good eyeshadow choice.
    * What is your opinion on Clinique’s Mocha Pink blush?
    * Do you have any mascara recommendations? I’m using one from Hard Candy, but I want to find one that clumps less.

    Finally, I wasn’t the original person to ask about the blues; but thank you very much for addressing purple within the season. I hadn’t realized Soft Autumn started out so dark.

  • "; ?> Ashley

    For the sake of clarity, I should probably mention that my mental image of “purple” is skewed to the blue side; and I would consider indigo (v-b) to fall under that category as well.

  • "; ?> Nynd

    Melinda, for what it is worth, I went into my analysis already knowing that I do far better in matte than with any amount of sheen, and we flipped quite a few drapes to the wrong side on that understanding. Made it easier to “see” ….

  • "; ?> Melinda

    Thanks Nynd, I appreciate your answer. That makes a whole lot of sense and I can see how it would aide in the PCA. Thanks!

  • "; ?> AC

    Melinda – thank you for the point that sheen can make a colour look lighter. This makes a lot of sense to me being a Br S. I have always preferred shine and sheen. My skin has some shine and even before my analysis I felt it went well with satin, silk, shiny leather etc. I have never been particularly fond of cotton (love it for washing, but less so for wearing). I think what often happens is that when a material has structure or fluffy fibres or a less dense weaving it will appear softer. Cotton, wool, felted materials are looser in structure and absorb more light. On the other hand once a weaving of a material gets really tight or dense (bear with my lack of vocabulary) and flat, it will often have some shine to it. Satin is actually not a material but a weaving technique, that makes cotton or other materials shine.

  • "; ?> Ashley


    * Maybelline Earthly Taupe seems to be a doable eyeshadow. It’s basically soft, greyed orange.
    * NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipstick in Chestnut might be SA, if not DA. It’s quite pretty; but as the collection’s name suggests, it’s quite sparkly (silver sparkles, no less). I just wiped it off and applied ELF Malt Shake, and it looks much better.
    * For those who are OK with shimmer, Silk Naturals has a gorgeous taupe-gold eyeshadow called Teacher’s Pet. If anyone finds a matte alternative, please do tell.

  • "; ?> Melinda

    Wow, thank you AC. I didn’t know that satin was a type of weave. Makes sense since there are other fabrics that way too I think. I have just been trying to do research on different types of fabrics because I like to sew and don’t know as much about that as I would like to. It just keeps amazing me how colors are affected by so much. I also love how you can learn about color in so many different ways. My favorites are the visual imagery, the beautiful descriptions, and the science behind so much of it (I really do just love how Christine ties them together so well).

    Thank you again for your comment. It really struck a chord for me! 🙂

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      The great comments always make the writing so worthwhile. To see it how you see it, that’s how we grow. How do we become more if our limits are never questioned? So, thank you.


      That cardigan: the answer to your question comes down to taste. Sometimes, advice is better heeded or you’ll detract from yourself. In this case, it’ s just how you feel yourself. The cardigan isn’t hot enough for a True Autumn. I like the shapes, they remind me (but not necessarily you, and that’s ok) of leaves on the ground, of the strength of the tree trunks in Susan’s photo of the park in Paris without feeling hectic or disorganized or random.

      Lace is like diamonds, you can’t take it away from women. It’s always a matter of adapting it to you. I love femininity on Soft Autumn and it’s often underplayed. I didn’t accessorize the outfits here because I was showing you colours, but I sure would add scarves, jewelry, natural stones. This is far from being only a cowboy look. I also think vintage and heirloom look terrific with the aged effect and their nod to family connections, strong SA feelings. Lace is fine, not too dainty, not rows and rows of it. Like flowers, it’s gorgeous but I agree with you that this is not the Season for profusion of that sort of thing.


      Mocha Pink is on my SA rec’s list. Mascara is dark brown, but not black brown if possible. A client I know likes Benefit Badgal in Brown for being a neutral brown of good darkness. Beyond that, I have no specific brand. I’m a drugstore mascara person, I like Maybelline’s One By One, but since I can’t test the colours, I can’t recommend them. I agree about Malt Shake, it’s a basic for this type of colouring.
      To me, purple/violet are almost interchangeable. They have particular meanings, some more specific, but nobody knows these distinctions and they’re even different to colour people. I think indigo is bluer, the transition to violet in ROYGBIV. Purple is a loose term but I still use it. Never find myself using indigo because I’m not sure if it’s just blue-violet or something else because in the usage, it sometimes refers to a darker colour than what’s in the spectrum.

      AC – Right about texture muting colour. Fuchsia will never have the impact in wool that it does in satin. Satin’s shine makes colour go lighter in the folds. Wool makes colour go grayer. Other textiles make colour go darker. This is why tweed is so natural on Autumn.

  • "; ?> Bertha Patterson

    Thank you for the guidelines on the blues, Christine, they have been hard for me to figure out, but blue is my favorite color and I miss not wearing any. Would love to give you some feedback on makeup but fear my complexion will not support light colors. After my last analysis as a Soft Autumn black eyeliner and mascara were used for makeup. I find this acceptable since my hair color (and eyebrows) are already a soft black. I do have in my possession a lip color from NARS Gipsy (which the website says is warm brandy) and NARS cheek color in Taos (warm rose). These colors may be fine for darke complected Soft Autumns.

  • "; ?> Melinda

    Thanks Christine, I think I understand what you are saying. It reminds me of something a music teacher once told me. He said that you needed to learn the basic rules of music and then once you understood those, then you could break them. That is when music can start to become your own. Is that what you meant? That you can learn and understand the basics of your season, how and why those basics work, and then, not necessarily break the rules, but find a way to make it your own?

    It may go without saying, I just wanted to make sure I understood. I have a tendency to complicate things….. 🙂

  • "; ?> Helen

    Lips colors I enjoy as a Soft Autumn:
    Relvon creme: #613: Just enough Buff
    Mac:Freckletone & Plastique
    Bobbi Brown: Natural Beige, Salmon, Beige, Heather Mauve (add gold lipgloss)
    Tarte: (stick form lipstain) Exposed; 2 Rise & Shine lipstain/gloss: Cherry & Nude. LOVE
    Lancome: Color Fever Gloss: Conbustible (my red) as well as Lancome lipstick: Work it.
    Victoria Secret: Pink Shake lipstick; VS’s lip gloss in: Creme Femme & Cocoalicious
    NYX: Mega Shine Lipgloss in Spongecake and Smokey. Better than Bobbi Brown’s and only 3 bucks! or less.
    Stila: silk shimmer luxe gloss in Sunlight. Great on any peach colored lipstick.

    Favorite Blush: Urban Decay’s Baked Bronzer in Glided. (I have tried them all, from Nars to Rimmel and Bare E. This is my favorite.
    and Fav is Relon’s Creme blush: Rosy Glow. Very muted.
    If you all need a more pink color try Mac’s: Blushbaby.

    Favorite skin makeup: Almay’s Smart Shade Makeup, I use Light. The Light/medium was too dark. I tried other anti-aging SSM and the combination SSM and the regular one is the best for texture.
    Favorite face powder: B20 shade by Shesido. A foundation powder. Has refiled. Have used for 8 years. I just brush or sponge just enough to mute shine on nose/inner cheek and forehead area and I’m good to go.
    Best Lip liner colors: Rimmel: 911201 – A Thousand Kisses
    Bobbi Brown’s: Beige Lip pencil is a good base for alot of options/creations.
    Favorite mascara: Elizabeth Arden’s Ceramide mascara and Estee Lauder’s: Sumptumous. Waterproof: Like Flasies by Maybelline.
    Eyeshadows: Tarte: kit of 10 shadows called Neutral eyes
    Trish Macenvoy : Deep Olive and Caffe Latte.
    Bobbie Brown’s: Camel, Espresso and Flesh
    Lancome’s: Click
    Mac: Plummage, Blanc, Carbon, Twinks, Humind.
    I tight line my eyes: So I will use either Laura Mercier’s Black or Navy, Bobbi’s Brown’s Espresso or Mac’s Carbon. I can also use the darker colors in the Tarte kit. If you use any of the darker colors in the Tarte kit you can apply the very light colors under them to lighten up for our coloring. SA.
    And last but not least I like to use Laura Mercier’s : Secret Brightening Power in White for under my eyes. Have used for 8 years now and it works softly.
    My skin care is with And good old Micro-Retin A. 1%.
    Sorry so long but I have had a heck of a time figuring out what season I was. I seemed like a neutral period. But I looked great with additional warmth and muted richness in my colors. No wonder I look good in more neutral makeup. I can go brighter now if I stay warmer. I’m having a great time shopping this year. No more black near my face if I can help it!!!!!

  • "; ?> Helen

    As a SOFT AUTUMN, I’m sharing some of my favorite colors because I have had a heck of a time finding colors I love all these years. I’ve done makeup application for others before. I personally can get away with different looks. But the neutral yet warmer colors are truly my best shade and are easier to find now. Some of the color’s from Bobbi Brown you mentioned on this site in the past month or so were just too red or not soft enough or muted for me. Ex: Rose Brown, and Tulle Brown, yuck for me.

    Here’s what I have found. Hope you enjoy some of these:
    Lips colors: Relvon creme: #613: Just enough Buff (nice with a gold gloss over too)
    Mac:Freckletone & Plastique (give it a chance); Hug Me
    Bobbi Brown: Natural Beige, Salmon, Beige, Heather Mauve (add gold lipgloss)
    Tarte: (Pencil form lipstain) Exposed; and Tarte: Rise & Shine lipstain/gloss: Cherry & Nude. LOVE
    Lancome: My red’s I can wear: Color Fever Gloss: Conbustible and lipstick called Work it.
    Victoria Secret: Pink Shake lipstick; VS’s lip gloss in: Creme Femme & Cocoalicious
    NYX: Mega Shine Lipgloss in Spongecake and Smokey. Better than Bobbi Brown’s and only 3 bucks! or less.
    Stila: Silk Shimmer Luxe Gloss in Sunlight. A neutral, sl. cool bronze color. Esp great over any peach colored lipstick.

    Favorite Blush: Urban Decay’s Baked Bronzer in Glided. (I have tried them all, from Nars to Rimmel and Bare E. This is my favorite.
    Revlon: Creme blush – Rosy Glow. Very muted.
    Mac Powder blush: Blushbaby or Relvon: Tawny Peach

    Favorite skin makeup: Almay’s Smart Shade Makeup, I use Light. The Light/medium was too dark. I tried the other 2 formula’s in the SSM: anti-aging and combination and the regular one is the best for texture and look. The Elizabeth Arden’s Ceramide Creme makeup is beautiful on but the color range is limiting for some. May have to blend colors. I use to use “Vanilla” but was disconunted. Too bad.

    Favorite face powder: B20 shade by Shisedo. A foundation powder. Refill is available. . Have used for 8 years. I just sweep a brush or sponge over powder, just enough to mute shine on different area’s and I’m good to go.
    Best Lip liner colors: Rimmel: 911201 – A Thousand Kisses. Mac’s are good as well.
    Bobbi Brown: This line’s Beige lip pencil is a good base for alot of options/creations. Even just this with the Smokey NYX gloss over it is perfect for most Soft Autumns.

    Favorite mascara: Elizabeth Arden’s Ceramide mascara
    Estee Lauder’s: Sumptumous.
    Waterproof Mascara: like Flasies by Maybelline.(the regular formula burns my eyes??)

    Eyeshadows: Tarte: kit of 10 shadows called Neutral eyes
    Trish Macenvoy : Deep Olive and Caffe Latte. Always great on
    Bobbie Brown: Camel, Espresso and Flesh
    Lancome’s: Click
    Mac: Plummage (great teal color), Gesso(will apply under most of my shadows), Carbon, Twinks, Humind.

    I tight-line my eyes: So I will use either Laura Mercier: Black or Navy (cake liner)
    Bobbi’s Brown: Espresso shadow
    Mac: Carbon shadow (go slow, can be messy)
    I can also use the darker colors in the Tarte kit. If you use any of the darker colors in the Tarte kit you can apply the very light colors under them to lighten up for our coloring the Soft Autumn coloring..
    And last but not least I like to use Laura Mercier’s : Secret Brightening Power in White for under my eyes. Have used for 8 years now and it works softly.
    The best eye shadow primer: Lorac. honest. Elizabeth Arden’s eye primer is a runnerup. The Urban Decay and others is not as good. They crease for me. This includes Mac and Lancome!
    My skin care is with And I use Micro-Retin A. 1% for 20 years now. I use Sunblock, not Suncreen. TitaD and Zinc. The others are not Sunblocks that claim to be. Sorry so long but I have had a heck of a time figuring out what season I was. I seemed like a neutral period. But I started looking at pics of me as a child and that helped me with my season alot. I looked good with additional warmth and muted richness in my clothing colors. I can go brighter now in makeup if I stay warmer. I’m having a great time shopping this year. No more black near my face if I can help it!!!!!
    PS The Limited and Anthropolgie has great colors for Soft Autums right now….

  • "; ?> Ashley

    Just looking through the article… You DO have the Clinique blush up there. Sorry about that; I think MAC also has a Mocha (Mocha Pink?) blush, and I got the two mixed up.

    I really want to try that Aveda shadow. It’s so pretty!

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      I would say that’s exactly what I mean 🙂

      On behalf of so many women, I thank you for sharing (and typing!) all this info. Many are new to me and I look forward to trying them. I love nothing better than the opportunity to see your colours through YOUR eyes.

      And while you’re there, try that Wild Plum and Lychee Luxe lips. I’d love to hear back.

  • "; ?> Ashley

    I’m probably not the best guinea pig for lipsticks, most especially pinks; I seem to have a bad time with many of those, even warmer ones. I’d be interested to see what any of the confirmed SAs think of those colors, though. 🙂

  • "; ?> Jo


    I can’t do pink around my eyes – I look like I have been crying. Even as a SA, those pinkish tones in the Avedas Gobi Sands (on my monitor) look WAY too pink for me. I need to see it in real life to know for sure.

    Avon have a 4 colour eyeshadow palette called Blushing Raisin which is utterly perfect. How do I know this? Because I bought Elea Blake’s palette for the SA, and there is a shade in it called Keen. Blushing Raisin is a play on that colour, lighter and darker. Perfect. There is also a UTube tutorial, if you would like to see it, but I don’t think the demonstrator is a SA!!!

    Just try to imagine it on the right skintone…

    Mac Hug Me is often recommended for SAs, but it is FAR too pale for me.
    Clinique’s Berry Freeze is one that I love, and if you mix it with lipgloss, or something like Gayle Hayman’s Goldtone Liplift, you can get endless soft and subtle variations. The Liplift is wonderful to soften and lighten any lipstick – the gold is barely present, and doesn’t ever distract from the colour.

    Revlon’s Soft Rose is great (as said above)

    One of the things that I am finding frustrating about being this season is that there are NO NAMES for most of the colours. Dusty-brownish-pinkish-deepish-flesh is a tongue twister. So is sepia-antique-ivory or Miss-Haversham-weddingveil-lace. Greyed-slate-blue and greyed-bark-brown are a bit easier, as is deep-soft-teal-sea-green. But how on earth do you find a name for that lovely shade somewhere between soft burgundy, desert rose and ox-blood red?

    Anyone got any suggestions?

    So many lipstick recommendations for SAs seem to dwell in the pink side of the range. One of the most interesting things about the Elea Blake lip palettes that I recieved, was how little pink there was. They were predominantly brown, with hints of caramel, or red, or pink, maybe some brick. Much more suited to me than those pinks with a wee bit of brown.


    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      For the Season I always figured would be the easiest to locate makeup for, given the profusion of it out there, it’ s turned out as challenging as any other. Some SA’s are dark, as you are. Many are lighter. I began feeling a light browned pink like the terracotta flowerpot in the sun was the right shade. Some women feel they need some pink, and even borrow from Soft Summer, the other Soft Season. Few prefer orange or dark. You enjoy JLo type caramel-browns and light bricks, sounds like. Lots of variations. Insofar as naming the colours, I have no bright ideas. Assigning each a number as Amelia did seems a good way of identifying the colours.

  • "; ?> AC

    Jo – when it comes to names for the SA colours my idea would be to look closer at foods and animals. Mushrooms, coffee latte, fur, feathers, the colour of certain vegetables and meats may be recognizable for both you and the people you want to describe the colour to. But admittedly I have no idea for your soft burgundy / desert rose / ox blood red … 😉

  • "; ?> Jo

    Food. Of course. You are absolutely right.

    OK, give me a few days, and while I mull this over…

  • "; ?> Holly

    The colors of meat. That is very funny and I will continue to ponder this idea!

  • "; ?> jkitten

    So I have finally been analyzed as a soft autumn and I guess I really do agree =)
    I am still waiting on the booklet of colors and information. But I would like to know can soft autumns wear navy blue? And what shades? I have some navy blue and I was also thinking of buying some and I have this impatient feeling about it for some reason..which is odd since I
    am such a patient person lol.

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Oh, hey, I’m glad you had this done, jkitten. SA doesn’t have a whole lot of blue, since the inner core colour of Autumns is some version of golden orange, yours being more butterscotch-soft terracotta. There is one darker blue, it’s kind of a dull medium blued teal. As you bring in the gold, it turns Summer’s blue to being more green and this is the earliest stage. I can’t think of a perfect analogy colour, blues are hard because there are few blue foods. I think you’ll need your swatch book to understand your darker blue.

  • "; ?> jkitten

    I see I think I am understanding it better though I do plan to get a book soon thanks. Yes certain navys were awkward. To grey,to dark,to harsh. But there were some good ones or one that everyone and myself likes but its hard to describe as well ^_^

    What sort of reds suit soft autumns?

    And what season are you reminded of when you think of these colors. I tried to use literal objects like the green of a parrot for lack of confusion.
    warm pinks
    light lemon yellow/dafodil
    parrot green
    grass green
    clear teal
    aqua green
    emerald turquoise
    emerald green
    blue greens
    sky blue
    baby blue
    baby pink
    true purple
    medium blue
    coralish/tomato reds
    jade/light emerald

    I know that I wear all of these colors very well and always get compliments in them as well as others like common soft autumn colors like grey,warm grey,olive green,moss greens,
    aubergine,browns,camel,warm brown,bronze,beige,amethyst,dark green,mint,offwhite,light
    peach,terracotta,terracotta pinks,pistachio,taupe,dusty pink,dusty teal,teal blue,rose pink,
    wine,ruby red.

    Also I don’t know if its just me but are mustard/deep golden yellows,and dark rusty oranges to much for soft autumn? I look sickly,pale,and my skin has no connection the instant I wear those. So I am guessing thats what happens when a soft autumn accidentally wears a warm autumn color?

  • "; ?> Holly

    We don’t have mustard or orange. Our yellows are closer to camel than golden yellow. Our red is a brick or tomato paste shade.

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      You’ve named a lot of colours there, mostly SA and many Spring colours. I’d agree with you and Holly, that the very warm yellows and oranges are not flattering to SA colouring. The reds are the many colours of brick, as Holly says.

  • "; ?> jkitten

    Okay thanks Christina 🙂
    Someone said that SA’s can wear spring colors better then other autumns as long as their not bright so for instance lime green but not a very saturated color. Is this true?

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      I think I’d have to see the colour. There can be some truth to this for sure.

  • "; ?> jkitten

    Okay thanks Christine you have been helpful. I still don’t feel right in my season but I’m trying to. I don’t look good in beige or most,same with browns. I don’t look good in many greys either. Dark brown,mahogany,charcoal,dark grey,dark taupe are good the others are not. forest green looks old/faded/antique on me but any green thats light or dark is fine,for instance dark velvety green is good. Light muted oranges aren’t good on me but clear or bright ones are (coral,peach,light peach(almost icy),and salmon,even tangerine). true red,coral red,warm clear red look good. I wear light lemon,lemon,and marigold yellow well. Yellow greens,lime green,parrot green,true green,mint,light jade(not sure how to call the color),any teals,any or all turquoise and aquas even the most delicate,many blue greens,clear blue(similar to Chinese blue). For a white my best white it light cream,ivory,champagne,or lightest peach. And burnt orange,rusty red,and mustard some of my worst colors. warm hot pink,hot pink(or light fuchsia not sure what to call it) look good so does rose pink and baby pink. Olive green looks good but some people said it wasn’t good.

    So to make a long story short. I am not sure if soft autumn is right. But it might be. Do you have any good pages/sites for soft autumn I could read about other then your own? Maybe I just need to understand it more. I know I am not a summer,not a winter. Spring just seems like it fits more to me 🙁

    Btw the girl who played in Tim Burtons Alice in Wonder land as Alice and the girl who played in Hannah what seasons are they? They weren’t in their real coloring but googeling them will help.

    Saorse Ronana:

    Mia Wasikowska:,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=96d9a9d300f3252f&biw=1366&bih=601

    There soft seasons right?

    Thank you so much I am not trying to both,spam,or annoy you Christina 🙂

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Soarse looks Spring like. Mia, I’m not sure. She could go to Autumn. Both girls appear to be in that transition where they’re leaving their childhood colours behind but haven’t quite settled into the mature Seasons. Look at and for great Season pics.

  • "; ?> jkitten

    Thanks. ^___^ You said leaving their childhood seasons at what age is that and when do you become your new one? Could that make analysis hard? I am younger then Mia,and a
    little older then Saorse.My coloring is changing,or has. I used to be a pale blonde as a kid,then
    strawberry and it stayed that way for a while. Now throughout my high school years it has become a bit of a darker color,like dark strawberry blonde with some auburn and defiantly not the level of light brown. Of course my tips and roots are always a different color from the sun since it lightens it very quickly and I always have alot of highlights. Thank I’ll check out the websites right now 🙂 Sometimes I feel like since I have light hazel eyes I am ruled out of many
    seasons or something but then I find thats not true.

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman


      We settle into our colouring/Season around 14 to 16, and then continue to mature into it till we’re about 25 or so. Then, everyone darkens into maturity, say 35. Most people stay the same Season after 16 though, for the rest of their life. Doesn’t make the analysis hard, but it might change the result every year for 4-5 years as it has with my niece.

  • "; ?> jkitten

    I see thanks that makes sense. ^__^ How common is is for someone to confuse a true spring or true autumn with soft autumn?
    Sometimes see other websites confuing SA with WA or SA with True spring,and sometimes true
    spring with light spring.

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Confusing SA and LSp is very very common. Their level of warmth is about the same (just one step off a pure Warm Season). SA is a little darker to look at in their natural state but we don’t see many natural states these days. The difference is that they don’t have the same kind of heat at all (Sp yellow, A gold).

  • "; ?> jkitten

    So I just herd some other systems are coming out with extended seasons. One is coming out with one more subtype per winter,spring,summer,autumn. The other is going to have 24 seasons total,with around 12 colors per seasons being the persons best. I am wondering what is your thinking on this?

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Lots of systems have more than 12 Seasons. You could have as many as you like. Either you have 24 different swatch books to keep the Seasons apart, but nobody would be able to tell the differences between them. OR you look at each person as individual, with 75% of one Season, 25% of another, which can work really well if the right person is doing it. There’s lots of ways of doing this and having people understand how to shop and look far better than they ever could on their own. What I like about Sci\ART is that it is measured, meaning it takes as much subjectivity as possible out of the analysis.

  • "; ?> jkitten

    Yea I like sciART the most so far from what I have been reading. But that other one was a interesting read. Deep spring,Soft winter,Clear Summer,Soft Spring,etc. Kinda of a cool thing to think about whether or not it is correct. Okay so I have a friend and we pretty much know what colors do not look good(or some of them).

    rust, burnt orange, burnt red, terracotta/soft muted oranges, mustard, light-medium browns, beige’s(But dark browns and mahogany are good), winter white, light greys, medium greys(charcoal and dark grey are good), navy (pretty much all or any navys. Maybe a teal one that’s barely navy), pastel blue(Just makes her paler),sienna brown,actually quite a few summer colors to due to the muted/greyness in them.

    I mean does this remind you of any palette. I must be missing something because I haven’t found any that say this yet. Over all her appearance is light-medium hazel eyes,dark blonde/light brown warm hair,pale complexion,and some golden brown beauty marks,with darkish lashes(well its darker then the rest of her hair). Although I already know appearance doesn’t matter 🙂

    She can wear light,medium,dark colors as far as we can tell. It mainly just matters what kind of color it is. Springs clear red and true red are good reds for her. And she can pretty much pull of many spring colors better then the winter,autumn,summer ones.

  • "; ?> jkitten

    Thank you for all your info. I am forwarding your website to her so she can see if she relates with any of the seasons. Your writing is so poetic and I am sure it draws in the seasons sometimes. Shes really good with color,one of the best I know who isn’t doing it as a profession or something.

  • "; ?> sbloom

    I wanted to add a mascara that works for me as an SA with soft blue eyes and dark hair, not sure if it’s available across the pond but i found it in Space NK – a true brown mascara, Moka Brown, by By Terry. I found it before I got my colours done by Lora but I had compliments on my eyes from customers (and I work with horses so how I look barely figures at all!). Expensive but a nice treat, and a nice to use mascara.

  • "; ?> Sandra

    I have been struggling between two season since I have been searching. True Spring and Soft Autumn. My skin tone is light with pink and reddish tones. So I guess that makes me a neutral. The lighter True Spring colors would be fine on me (peachy, beige, light coral) But I have discovered my face becomes more alive with warm pink lips and blush, I would say that could make me a Soft Autumn. I have taken two color analysis quizzes and have come up with both seasons mentioned above. I believe I am going to stay with the SA. My hair is soft red, green/gray eyes and light peachy pink skin. Any suggestions ladies? Thank you!

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Hard to know, Sandra. If anyone ever got placed in the right Season from quizzes, even great modern insightful quizzes, they would be the minority. You just have to be draped in person. That way, not only do you get the right Season and can shopping better, you understand why you are that colouring group and not some other.

  • "; ?> May

    Hi guys! I have a problem! I’m a soft summer and I’m going to be a bridesmaid. The maid of honour actually. So far so good, even awesome. But I’m wearing a very intense cobalt blue dress, because those are the colors the bride chose. It makes my natural contrast dissapear and my eyes look dull. Hair looks kind of grey. Can I do anything to incorporate the dress better with my colors?! What if I highlighted my hair, or wore some kind if makeup that enhances my colours while still working with the dress. Or an ivory collar? Do you have any good suggestions??? Grateful for help!

  • "; ?> May

    Ooops, I meant soft autumn in my previous comment!!!

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      I sure wouldn’t alter my hair colour for a one day event, May. That costs too much and may take months to replace. The outfit adjustments will depend on what the bride is OK with. I do appreciate the situation, similar to what another reader mentioned about uniforms. Sometimes, we just get through the day. I’d pin my hair back or up with a silver accessory, wear noticeable earrings, put a beautiful smile on my face, and let the bride have her day. Maybe keep the champagne bottle nearby 🙂

  • "; ?> Rachel

    I know these are SUPER old comments, but I’ve wondered too about those times when you need to wear a less-than-ideal-colour (for you). I wonder what you think of these “solution ideas?”

    Let’s say I’m a SOFT AUTUMN…

    But wearing a dark winter colour…
    …so would it be best to wear the darkest and most saturated of the soft autumn makeup?

    Wearing bright spring colour…
    …would it help to wear a “brighter” soft autumn lipstick?

    Wearing a true summer colour…
    …would it help to veer towards the cooler side of the soft autumn palette?

    Wearing a true autumn colour…
    …would it look the most harmonious to wear a warmer lippie, but still from the soft autumn palette?

    Does that make any sense, or might that just make things worse? Also, you had mentioned pulling your hair back, but I find that I do better with as MUCH of my natural hair colour around my face as possible in less-than-ideal colour situations. Maybe it’s a choice between having a pale/jaundiced/grayed/oily/or whatever face (with hair pulled back) VS a healthy-looking face that’s not connected to the rest of your body (with hair down)?

    Maybe there are no concrete answers, but this has just always intrigued me. 🙂

    Thanks for reading!

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      It makes sense, Rachel, but there are too many variations of individual pigmentation and desired appearance within any Season to have any blanket solutions. On one SA woman wearing a BSp colour, she might do ok in a TA lipstick. Another SA woman would look more confusing and dominated by her attire than ever. The hair worn down or up will vary by woman too, I suspect. I’m not a big believer in fixing a wrong with another wrong. As they say, and it applies in PCA, it never adds up to a right.

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