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The best stories hold our attention. It’s harder to look away than keep watching.

Elements are added to add information and detail without ever taking us out of the story. 

Appearance is exactly the same.

(Photo by Clément Falize on Unsplash)

The Batman comes out October 2021. The music, “Something In The Way” by Nirvana, supplies texture, mood, and depth. The story experience is heightened. The trailer is here on YouTube.

In the world of websites, one too many Buy Now-Click Here buttons run the risk of pulling us out of the story, if not sending us on a detour out of the site itself.

The colours you’re made with come together to tell a story. The best investments in clothes and makeup keep the viewer in your story. To be that well streamlined, the colours have to be yours. No other way for the picture to mesh without a gap.

Style that takes attention away from the person is really an ad. The product took our place in the viewer’s attention. I wanted my story to be, “Christine looks great in her workout clothes.”  What the other person thought instead was, “I might need Nike shoes.”

 I see Style as decorating a tree without diverting attention to ornaments. They should both look great, the tree more beautiful for the ornaments chosen. Too often in our world, style is only about the ornaments. 

Great makeup settles over our face like a second skin. Beautiful lipstick tells others more about us. Never changing our story, it simply adds another layer. The experience others have of us is fuller, richer compared to the movie without the music.  Nothing’s in the way.

Don’t try to tell every story. See your own colours for the miracle they are and wear the clothes, makeup, and hair colour that add texture, richness, depth, and elegance to the experience of you.

And listen, you can do this. When you know your colours, finding great clothes is a treasure hunt. They’re out there waiting for you to find them.

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