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Summer’s Children

Summer’s Children

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I adore children above anything. I am in awe of how much is held in waiting, ready to unfold, like little cocoons. When people bring them to their vet appointment, it’s all I can do to pay attention to the animal. I love the faces below.

Summer Children

Are gentle. They can hold a small bird in their hands.

summer child black and white

Photo: Mrinkk


Have a lot of very tiny toys with which they play intricate games. Their homes have beautiful details in every room, right down to the toilet paper holder. The season of miniaturization. Often look better in small jewelry than large and chunky.

Take pains to get every meticulous detail of a picture right. Even a picture the size of a window. They will draw patiently, tiny line by tiny line. Can spend hours finding microscopic snails in tidal pools with great hand-eye control when they spot one.

One activity at a time is plenty. Learn a music piece note by note. Do not need to be in constant motion. As a child, ask him to mince the herbs. As an adult, this is the cook who peels squash, who cooks the chickpeas for the hummus from scratch, or who undertakes all 22 of the steps in making Matzoh Ball Soup.

Can get so frustrated with their Winter sibling’s harshness and Spring sibling’s impracticality that they need time in their room alone to calm down. Like about 2-3 hours. Five kids on a trampoline is 3 and 3/4 too many.

Very persistent till they get it right. Perseverance ranks at the top of the chart.

Do not force their beliefs on others but do not accept anyone else’s ideas either. Sweet, pleasant, calm stonewalls.

Good impulse control from an early age. The first to learn to shake hands when introduced to someone new. As grownups, still have a self-control that astounds.

Ask question after question after question. If a family rule is, No more questions after supper, there are probably True Summer children in the home.

The most likely to keep your secret. Very discrete as adults.

Can be fusspots for cleanliness. Will not be thrilled to eat the birthday cake upon which five children blew out the candles, or even one other child. The mother may have brought a separate cake. Having a bottle of hand sanitizer clipped to your backpack should be a school rule.


sweet summer child face

Photo: criswatk


Light Summer likes to talk almost as much as a Spring, but she’ll tell the entire story, and (this part’s important) (really important), in order. Thorough is the word here. She will be easily hurt and irritated if her Autumn sister hijacks the topic to tell her side and interrupts the orderly sequence of her thoughts. For Light and True Summer, it has to go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and  not 1, 2, 3, 4, 4, 5, 7, 6. Autumn and Winter have more 1,2, 9, 10 tendencies. True Summer will explore every conjugation of a verb, could have, might have, and every option and outcome.

Photo: thadz


Drawn to quality in clothing. Will notice stitching and buttons.

Ask a Summer, How do you feel about..? Ask a Winter, What do you think about…? Ask an Autumn, What’s the most efficient way to get this done? And Spring, What’s the fastest way to get this done so we can have a visit?

Summer does not like to live alone. Their sense of community, civic responsibility, and desire for domestic intimacy is strong. Winter fantasizes about living alone and takes more convincing to leave their computer.

children on sidewalk

Photo: wmstadler


If True Summer is indecisive, it’s because they want to do the rightest thing. If True Spring is, it is because she wants every choice. Autumn decides fast to get it done. Winter didn’t see that there were more than two choices to begin with.

True Summers are wonderful teenagers. Their very high sense of personal integrity doesn’t let them fall into, or even be attracted by, that which doesn’t agree with their moral code. They can easily exclude peer pressure when they want to.

Don’t love changes in their routine. As a child, might have been very unhappy when forced to wear new clothes. Might even have been screeching NOOOOOO so loud after being put in a new snowsuit as a 2 year old that they got left in a snowbank by their Dark Winter mother when she went down the driveway to get the mail. Not that that would happen in my house, but you could hear the child loud and clear. As a grownup, might be very happy married to a Spring who can get them to do things they wouldn’t normally do, especially on short notice, a sticking point for Summer.

As adults, they may still have high expectations of what others should tolerate or how they should behave. A tub of Ben& Jerry’s ice cream really does have 4 to 6 servings and it is not necessary to snarf down more than one’s share.

Are willing to devote time and effort to getting others to meet their highest self, knowing that nobody feels good when they behave beneath themselves. Winter might not be quite so into your Karma because to them, it feels like an ambush intended to control that they won’t exert on you and don’t want you to exercise on them. If old people want to go ocean swimming alone, it’s their business.

Bring the natural gift of knowing what it’s like to be the other guy, and caring enough to adjust their behaviour, what the world needs more of than anything. Every character trait is a double edged sword. Empathy is no different. Winter keeps themselves apart and outside of situations. If no offense was intended by spoken words, they’re not likely to hear it. It’s not that Winter is cold/distant/remote, their feelings are just less accessible. Summer is so deeply disturbed by rudeness and so strongly empathic that they substitute the intention of the spoken words as their own, as they would have felt had they spoken the same words, that is, very offended.


23 Thoughts on Summer’s Children

  • "; ?> voodoo

    this is such a nice article christine.i would like to make a question about overtones.what overtone do you usually see in each of the 12 seasons during draping?

  • "; ?> Kaye

    I checked Lancome online for Berry Rose 312 and was unable to find it. I believe it was part of the spring collection and is no longer available. Any other suggestions?

  • "; ?> Kaye

    No Purple Darling liner, either. I am also interested in your opinion of the Clinique line of Almost Lipsticks and how they pertain to the seasons. Black Honey seems to be the most popular, but Flirty Honey looks tempting for a true summer.

  • "; ?> Emily

    I have deduced that I’m probably a Light Summer after a lot of trial and error and never having felt (there’s that word!) ‘quite right’ in True Summer colors. I enjoyed this article and how many times I found myself chuckling when I recognized myself in your descriptions. Short notice plans, haha.. unacceptable! I also like to do things with the quickness of Spring you described, though. If I have to wait too long for a bus, I often find myself walking the distance instead because then, at least, I am moving. I’m an impatient perfectionist diplomat. Does that sound like Light Summer to you?

    I really appreciate the thoughtfulness of your articles. Thank you.

  • "; ?> Colette

    A lot of this was spot on: I definitely have the “self-control that astounds,” need lots of time alone, am gentle/calm, asked tons of questions as a kid, and am drawn to quality and comfy clothes.

    That soft summer child’s skin tone is very similar to mine at that age!

    I don’t think I’d wear “The New Pink” lipstick because it’s too shimmery. Also, “Purple Quartz” liner is discontinued. Can you recommend an eyeliner that’s currently available? Thanks!

  • "; ?> Katie

    I love this series~ can’t wait to see the final installment on autumns…

  • "; ?> Willow

    “Light Summer – Body Shop 148 and 55 are your warmer and cooler pinks in lipsticks.”

    I can find Body Shop’s lipstick no. 55 on the web but no. 148 is nowhere to be found. Anyone have a link?


    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Emily, I’m not sure. No character is 100% anything, whether it’s horoscope, Meyers Brigg, Season, whatever. Most Summers are very patient people, but idealist YES, and diplomat YES.

      Kaye and Colette – therein the problem with makeup and makeup recs, the companies like to keep you at the counter searching so they d/c many colours. If you look at truth-is-beauty or the Luminosity Page at facebook, there are many other recs. I’ll make a point of looking at the Almost line when I have a moment.

      voodoo- overtone varies. Often, in too warm a colour, everyone will look yellow. Also, the wrong type of warmth in colour (yellow on Autumns or gold on Springs) will make them yellower than their inherent right heat in colour. Sometimes, too cool colour looks red or purple in some parts of the face. Sometimes people look grey, which might be called “overtone” or might be called “colour being drained from the face”. Not sure if there are strict definitions for terms like “overtone” and “undertone” or if each analyst uses them differently.

  • "; ?> Tina

    Bummer…..LSu is the most gorgeous palette, ever and I have been occasionally experimenting with it on and off for months. Now that you have given a clear explanation about palette borrowing, in that a TSu is “too cool” to do so, I gotta shut the door on LSu for good. It made me vividly recall…..those LSu colors were the ones that were almost right, but not quite right enough. Thank you for knocking some sense into my head and reminding me again how important my TMIT really is. For a True season, I believe it is crucial.

  • "; ?> Kay

    Christine, this blog post was so affirming to me and really helped to solidify the True Summer into my innermost being! I have read the True Summer chapter in your book every day since my TSu confirmation (4 weeks ago today). It soothes me so much to see that these things I do and feel are normal and natural for me. I’m supposed to be like this! Down to even the most minutia of details such as this:

    “Attention has often been given to long, manicured fingernails and careful choice of polish.”

    I have had long, polished nails since I was 10 years old. That was when I was allowed to start wearing nail polish. I can honestly say that my nails have been unpolished no more than 5 days since that day 38 years ago. It seems like such a quirky thing but it is something that is as natural to me as breathing. I love so much how your words literally reach into every cell of my being and release love and acceptance for myself from there. I just wanted you to know that your words have truly been such a healing and affirming balm to my soul! Thank you!!!

  • "; ?> Jennifer

    Loved this. Fit me and two of my five sons to a ‘t’, especially the true summers’ ability to look for tiny objects:) Brilliant.

  • "; ?> Jessica

    I really love this series. This description fits me, a LSu, so well. After being through so many types of personality and fashion systems, each often contradicting and competing with the rest, it just seems simpler to focus on my LSu colors and the classic/sporty styles that seem to suit me. Everything else just muddies the water and makes me doubt myself. Thanks for your beautiful writing and insights. I can’t wait for the autumn children entry.

  • "; ?> Sueinsummer

    Christine I was lucky enough for Nikki to drape me and I am a LSu. Thank you I have bought your lipstick recommendation here of Lancôme 353M – the formular is so moisturising, long lasting and most importantly for us LSus sheer but build able. However my lip colour is naturally quite pigmented and so lipsticks tend to turn darker on me. I wondered if you had an opinion on whether I should just work with the natural colour or use lip pencil as a lighter shade all over my lips before applying lipstick? Any suggestions of LSu appropriate ways to deal with this would be fab My gut reaction is to work with what nature has given me and use lipstick for suble enhancement. Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated as I have tried most of the Luminosity list – the SAs must love me 🙂

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      With the lip pencil, do you mean using a lighter one to lighten the overall colour of the lip to bring it into “Light Season”? Listen to your gut, Sueinsummer. Consider everything in your colouring that falls outside the now-defunct-I-hope averages to be your special, unique, beautiful stamp. Don’t do anything that could erase that or dull it down. You can move quite freely among the colours, wearing deeper choices even in daytime since that’s in your face already. It will look sophisticated and surprising in his perfection. Keep it sheer and moist. Did this answer address your Q or not quite?

  • "; ?> Sueinsummer

    Christine thank you, yes you answered perfectly. We have been on holiday and I just took Lancôme 353M and maybe it is a little too cool on me but I love it! I have tried 163M but it is too deep on me I think but then 353M is so good that I can (almost) imagine being a one lipstick gal! Well until the next lipstick buying rush 🙂

  • "; ?> Anne

    I’ve been to Body Shop and there is no 148 lippie. So I looked at 14 and 48. 14 is a slightly warm coral pink which I purchased and wear regularly. Could this be your warm recommendation, Christine?

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Sorry, Anne, I looked at my swatches again. The colours are 14 and 48, where 48 and 55 are similar as cotton candy colours for L Su. 14 is deeper, and very nice colour.

  • "; ?> Anne

    Woo-hoo I called ’em. Also bought 48. Selling for 1/2 off right now.

  • "; ?> Emma

    I don’t know if and how widely Yves Rocher is available in North America, but anyway: Rocher has a great grey mascara for a very reasonable price: The Mascara Longueur 360 , shade 03 Gris Anthracite. Looks great on me (a True Summer) and I think on other Summers as well.

  • "; ?> Nicola Darling

    Yes, yes, and yes!!
    How can it be that one article so validates who I am, tying in my spirit, my style, my intensity, my colors, my passion?
    I found a childhood pic of me — I totally have taupe undertones in my hair, although it comes across in many pics as the whimsical blonde of childhood, it has deepened into what some call “mousy”. It’s subtle, but nice. I tried to go red once — it required a lot of makeup to pull off, and it was exhausting. It complemented my eye color, which is relatively warm with green and a drop of gold-going-to-yellow/gray, but not my skin.
    You have affirmed my habit of defining my eyes more with shadow than liner — liner tends to close my eyes and make them smaller, unless it’s so subtle that it might as well be shadow. I apply shadow wet with a q-tip and it does the trick.

    Thanks again for this awesome insight!

  • "; ?> amy lamanna

    I really enjoyed this article. As a child I was a summer with mousy brown hair that I have lightened my whole life. I have finally returned to my natural hair color and soft summer palette. What an amazing difference it has made for me. The summer personality description in this article is me to a t as a child and adult. I think summer personalities are very empathic, dextrous , and detail oriented. Thanks again for the amazing insight in describing all the other seasonal personalities as well. After reading all of them they describe all my friends and family.

  • "; ?> Shawna

    I know this article is old but I love it because I relate to it so much. Delightful! Thank you.

  • "; ?> Thankful

    Ahh, the relief of finding myself described here. Things truly make sense now, alongside learning that other TSu people think similarly. And the ladylike description on TSu coloring is something I Love! Outstanding work and much love.

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