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The PCA Training Course

The PCA Training Course

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During this 4 day course, you will learn the theory, process, and practice of Personal Colour Analysis (PCA).

With 7 draping models (5 women, 2 men, including yourself) and focussed private instruction (one student per course), you will acquire the skills and confidence to analyze your clients and guide them in applying them their colour palette in all aspects of their appearance, including apparel and accessories, cosmetics and hair colour.

Location is London,  ONTARIO, CANADA.

Step 1: Becoming a Colour Analyst

The process begins by sending me an e-mail (  to introduce yourself and your interest in owning a colour analysis business in your community.

We will schedule a meeting on Skype to talk informally about your plans and to ask me any questions you may have. It is helpful to have a list of questions prepared.


Step 2: Dates and Travel 

Courses are scheduled according to your availability and mine. We can discuss possible dates by email and/or finalize this decision during our meeting.

Once the course is scheduled, you will receive detailed information regarding:
  • travel and accommodation
  • our daily schedule
  • what to bring and wear
  • suggested reading and course preparation

Step 3: Training Manual and Intro Package

The introductory package is shipped once the deposit is paid (US250), 2 to 4 months before the course begins. The package includes:
  • introductory letter for the course and meeting clients
  • training manual
  • neutral gray paint swatches
  • neutral gray fabric samples
  • 12 Season map
  • analysis method flow chart

Step 4: Setting up Your Studio

Ideally, you will begin draping your practice clients within 2 weeks of the course completion. The wealth of information and techniques gained during the course is so rich that the sooner they are put into practice, the more may be retained.

Having a preliminary or workable draping location ready before the course is recommended. The training manual includes comprehensive shopping lists. You will also receive a PDF document outlining options and selection criteria for larger items, such as the client chair, mirrors, and full spectrum lighting.


Step 5: The Course 

Price: US3200.00 (includes tax), divided into 2 parts:

Deposit : US250 (2-4 months prior)

Balance: US2950.00 (2 days prior)

Method: PayPal, Visa or MasterCard, or EMT for Canadians.

The price includes:
  • 4 day private training course
  • professionally tailored neutral gray analyst coat
  • 1 neutral gray client headscarf
  • 1 neutral gray client cape
  • extensive continued support
  • certificate for framing (8×11″)
  • HTML code to display 12 Blueprints banner on your website
  • inclusion in the 12 Blueprints Colour Analyst Directory
  • inclusion in the 12 Blueprints PCA community on Facebook
(Additional caps and capes may be purchased for CN30.00 each.)


Step 6: Test and Luxury Drapes

Test and Luxury Drapes are available for graduates of the 12 Blueprints training course, as well as the course offered by Your Natural Design

Successful application of the course requires that the 12 Blueprints drapes be used exclusively.

Information regarding colour organization, specifications and care, size and weight for travel, shipping costs, and all other relevant details is sent to you in PDF format.


Test Drape Price (112 drapes): US3543.68

The Luxury Drapes may be purchased at the time of training or at any time thereafter.

Luxury Drape Price (180 items): US5491.80


Step 7: Supplies

The palettes by,, and are excellent and will be here for you to view.

The Blueprints line of cosmetics will also be here. I advise against purchasing any cosmetics until we discuss the options in depth as part of the course.


Final Details

I am asked, “Do you only know beautiful people?”

Yes, I do. And so do you. I will show you how to discover that they are more beautiful than you or they ever dreamed possible.

I look forward to hearing from you and participating in your journey as a colour analyst and entrepreneur, helping others discover the beauty of their natural colours.


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