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The Reason For The Season is You

The Reason For The Season is You

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Among the 4 True Seasons in Personal Colour Analysis, there are two groups of people whose colouring has a  cool undertone. They are the Summers and Winters. Their nature also tends to be less energetic and a little more reserved and slow-moving.

The Warm Seasons of the Springs and Autumns have skin with a yellow or gold undertone. They are lively, busy, talkative, and active.

Colour makes us feel certain feelings and think certain thoughts. We have  primitive associations with colour upon which our survival depended. It is embedded in our genetics and the evolution of our brains from the beginnings of our consciousness.

Just as the energy of the 4 True Seasons follows the course of the year, from

the short-lived but almost frantically busy, almost reckless, activity of Spring


the hazy, flowing, genteel days of Summer


the time of yields and returns in the fields, of efficiency, and security, and responsibility in Autumn’s solid personality


Winter withheld reserve and its contrast of frozen yet shocking beauty. How can such austerity and colour severity be so beautiful? How can something so motionless be so compelling?

Frozen in time.

So does the warmth and coolness of the Seasons alternate in every 24 hour cycle.

Spring is a colour playground, corresponding to early morning busy-ness and our hope for a new day. The light is pale yellow, with a definite promise of heat to come.


Summer colours are seen between noon and 3 PM where activity slows as the heat induces a softness and relaxed peacefulness to how we feel, as well as what we see.

Late afternoon light mellows and heats the colours of the world around us, just as it does to the colouring of people in the Autumn Seasons.

Winter individuals look best in the colours of the darker time when motion settles. This is a feeling of colour restraint worn in simple, contrasting ways.

Though there are 12 colour groups, or Seasons, among human beings, each has their special edge, their special effect. Learn what yours is and your appearance will come together like never before. Colour is above all a feeling. People will keep looking because it feels settled, smooth, and aligned, though they will not know this consciously.

Thoughts and feelings project outward from us as vibrations, like our inner colours. We send an energy vibration with the colours of your body too, a wavelength that is uniquely our own. Wearing wrong colours is a constant irritation because the wavelenghts don’t jive, emanating too many frequencies that are clash.

Do you ever wonder how you were meant to look to fulfill your purpose. Are you close? You’ll feel it when it happens.



4 Thoughts on The Reason For The Season is You

  • "; ?> Samantha

    I love this!! I’ve always been kind of an aloof person — cordial, but never ‘warm’. Anytime I get exuberant or excited, somehow I don’t feel like I’m sincere. I wonder if this is true of all Winters?

    I also wonder if it’s true that a redhead could be a True Winter? Because I went to Wal-Mart earlier today with a friend of mine, and I held up some colors to my face. Well, I found a few interesting things.

    1) Silver royally enhances my skin and is the best metal to hide my imperfections on my face.
    2) Brown looks just, there, on me. It doesn’t enhance me, but it doesn’t really blow up my imperfections either.
    3) All the clear colors I looked at, and held against me, did the same thing as silver did, with the exception of a true red. Yet all the muted colors I looked at, against me, did the same thing as gold — blew up my imperfections, especially a pimple that’s sprouting atop my forehead.

    Sorry for the long comment — I just found a few things about my coloring that were really interesting. And I *thought* that I might be a Dark or a Bright Winter, but maybe not. I just know that I *feel* like a Winter, with my colors and my personality.

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman


      Don’t know about all Winters, but certainly me and most I can think of. I will find myself in social situations where I get energized, but deep down, it always feels impostor-ish. Quiet and serious feels right.

      My daughter is a redhead and the Truest Winter ever. In fact, red hair is seldom Autumn. ANY Season can have ANY hair colour.

      It’s fun to think about. It’s even more fun to get draped, especially when you come into it with a good sense of colour and how skin reacts.

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  • "; ?> Mandy

    Christine, now I’m very confused. I’m a very outgoing and bubbly person. Think bright pink, and that’s my personality. According to your article, I would be a Spring, but I definitely don’t look good in Spring colors. I’m a Summer of some sort (80% sure), and I’m pretty sure I’m a Soft Summer (70% sure). Do you ever meet people whose personalities don’t necessarily fit their coloring?

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Often, Mandy. Those personality traits often go with Seasons but not always. Season is more about what colours perfect your appearance and connect with the colours in you already. It’s not about character or body geometry.

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