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The Value of the Luxury Drapes

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First, the Test Drapes

The Test Drapes are used to perform the colour analysis (PCA). These are sets of fabrics in colours that are:

a) calibrated according to their colour dimensions, so they can be used as standards to measure our colouring and determine Season,


b) organized into groups of harmonious colours.

With these drapes and the colour analyst’s knowledge of how to interpret the reactions with our own colours, we are able to measure the colour harmony in the client.

There are 12 colour harmonies, known as Seasons. Once yours is known, it can be given to you as a palette of colours to take shopping.


Test Drapes

The Test Drapes are a ruler, a measuring tape. Instead of measuring bust, waist, hips, they’re quantifying hue, value, chroma.

This information cannot be known by simply looking. Our visual system starts overlapping incoming signals.

Warm colours often look more saturated than they are.

We can’t look at a blonde-haired blue-eyed person and see that their most significant colour dimension is saturation, not lightness, and know that they’re Bright Winter.

It’s natural and normal for the client to see the Test Drapes as potential clothing. They could be, but that’s not the point of them. It’s not the client’s job to understand their purpose. It’s the analyst’s job. We can reassure her that she does not have to wear these colour. The analyst reminds the client, “You don’t have to. They’re measuring you.”

Now if it’s splendid colours you’re wanting, I have an answer for you.

The Luxury Drapes

The Luxury drapes are shown to the client once the Season is known and the Test Drapes are hung up. I show them before makeup with the gray scarf still over the hair, since that’s how our eyes learned the colouring, and again after makeup.

Seeing the palette colours come to life helps the client make the leap from the swatch book to fabric. This is how she will understand her position within the 3 dimensions of colour in the physical world, how the theory of the analysis process will take shape on the stage of her life.

Luxury Drapes 1


Use the Luxury drapes as a means of developing her understanding of how to wear her colours. The Luxury Drapes are the gateway to a world of possibility limited only by her creativity.

The Luxury drapes provide answers to questions such as:
  • the darkness range, white to black, chalk to pewter, or some other?
  • the lightest colours as distance from white.
  • importance of contrast and how to adapt it in attire.
  • purity of pigment, or saturation, and how to recognize it.
  • the unique radiance or glow that her Season can achieve more beautifully and believably than any other.
  • application of correct hair and eye colour in apparel.
  • the right and real hair highlight.
  • eyeshadows and neutral colours.
  • use of texture and how it influences the colours.
  • most flattering type of shine in fabric and metal.
  • colours of metals.
  • the best version of white and black.
  • what it means to say that Neutral Seasons have warm and cool versions of their colours.
  • the best red lipstick.
  • the complementary colours to skin undertone colour.
  • the unusual, unexpected colours.
  • how to add interest, risk, fun, authority, or imagination to outfits (and look smarter, more trustworthy, and worth more $$.)
  • how to begin incorporating the colours that feel more challenging.
  • colour schemes and combinations that show the colours to best effect.
  • a visual for colours that are not used to test, such as purple.
  • that every colour goes with every other colour and the days of different makeup for different outfits are over.
  • what to never put down money for again.
  • feelings of nervousness about exploring a new world, embracing it with optimism and information, and seeing the road ahead going forward and up.
  • how empowering it is to know the colours of our parachute.

Luxury Drapes 2

The Luxury Drapes are the culmination of the colour analysis. Use them as the fantastic teaching tool that they are. Use them to position your service as the beginning of a future that your clients can no longer be without.


10 Thoughts on The Value of the Luxury Drapes

  • Laura Hawthorn


    These new drapes sound like a wonderful addition to the analysis.

    Might be an idea to offer a supplementary session with the Luxury Drapes. I think they would answer a lot of questions that come up in the months following the initial analysis. Just a thought.

    Hope your summer is going well.


  • Grace

    The luxury drapes were when I really got…’Wow, yes. Bright Winter. Bright. Winter.’ in my PCA. Not Dark, not an Autumn, despite the brown eyes. Those were the colours that felt like coming home to me (and I’d been dressing in Soft Summer/Dark Winter for years beforehand).

    The luxury drapes were the conclusion at the end of the long investigation/debate process of the PCA. I could possibly have followed the logic of the argument without them, but the summary of who I am in colour was fantastically useful.

    I guess what I’m saying is I think they’ll be worth it for any new analysts you/Terry train 🙂

  • Jane

    “Half the people out there are drawn to colours that suit them, and half are not”. I haven’t been draped, but, having combed the internet obsessively and done multiple hours of self-swatching in some quite luxurious department stores as well as charity shops, I think I’m probably, generally speaking, a soft autumn. I could not live entirely in this palette. I’ve always had the odd soft thing in the wardrobe and I enjoy wearing the odd soft thing. A whole outfit of soft would almost nauseate me. Some colours bring cat-sick to mind. I recently bought a multi-coloured “soft” top that looks like cat food and lawn clippings. Can’t deny it makes my skin look the best, better than ever. Totally decreases the need for any make-up on any part of face. Wonderful effects. But to live in it? No, never. Crunchy granola indeed.

  • Willow

    Thank you so much for addressing this topic Christine!

  • Pat Cunningham

    Thank you for answering this question and so thoroughly as usual.

  • Mary Frank Ralls

    I would like to know how much your color drapes cost. I would appreciate this very much. Thank you kindly. Mary Frank Ralls

    • Christine Scaman

      Mary, are you thinking of the Personal Luxury Drapes? Those are the ones available for our clients to buy in their own Season. You can find some info in To A your Q, their cost is $31USD per drape. Please email me privately at if I can help in any other way.

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