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True Autumn Jewelry

True Autumn Jewelry

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vYou arrived early for the party. You take a look around at who is already here. Immediately, your eye is drawn to the two women talking on the couch.

One is sitting quietly, straight back even though it is a slouchy couch, laughing but not letting loose. She will probably sit there all night because she does not like circulating and making small talk. She feels self-conscious about how to interrupt conversations. Of course, she wears all black. Not the most imaginative colour but it undeniably suits her. She is wearing one solid piece of jewelry.

Winter bracelet.


You move into the kitchen. The woman slicing vegetables for the platter commands attention. For one thing, she does not care if you are a guest, you get given the job of refilling drinks. She directs traffic so the meal gets served on time and to her satisfaction. Her Autumn energy is highly organized as she orchestrates the evening.

Her skin is lightly freckled, but she seems to belong in the sun and to reflect its coppery warmth. She wears little makeup, just a sheer bittersweet red lip colour. Like the colours of her busy and productive kitchen, she is wearing a raw silk blouse in a fabulous paprika colour, with a textured chocolate brown vest over it. Well in tune with her personal colour palette, she has added a fine woolen scarf with a stained-glass design in deep autumn leaf colours. Her bracelet is lying on the counter.

Red copper.

The jewelry they wear is perfect for them, as if it could have grown from their body. It so belongs that you would not be surprised to see it fly through the air and attach itself to her wrist like a magnet. The piece could not belong to anyone else.

The natural stones suit the straightforward character of the Autumn woman. They are the colours of a giving Earth. This is not September, with its lingering remnant of Summer. Neither is it November where the freeze is setting in. This is a rich harvest, a comfortable welcome in a busy kitchen, a safe, steady place.

Seasonal colour analysis has much to do with communicating who we truly are, reflecting the inside on the outside. If the colour feeling we show is not the colour feeling we are, others sense the discrepancy. Our appearance may feel disorganized and random.

The Autumn woman seldom pretends. She would not say something just to flatter you unless she believes it to be true. She cries harder than anyone at a funeral. She is fiercely loyal to her family but will not spare them hard work or spoil them with extravagance. She may seem to absorb a lot of demands but when she draws the line at enough, everyone knows it.

She has a great sense of what suits her and combines jewelry and accessories in creative, individual ways. She wears two rings, her solid, wide, gold wedding band and a topaz stone in a solid gold setting. Her necklace is simple, heavy links of chain in a textured bronze. Their shape is squared, which seems to repeat the squareness of her jaw.

Her entire look feels rich but unpretentious, busy and approachable, and glowing and natural. She can wear a lot of metal at once and it works. Her hair is coloured to look metallic, with a copper shimmer on a warm, medium chestnut base. When she wears makeup, she chooses lip and cheek colours with a coppery sparkle. By candlelight, even her skin seems burnished.

When the meal is done, she  will be in the kitchen washing dishes, unless her considerate Summer husband beats her to it, which he usually does.


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  • "; ?> gina

    ooo which jewelry piece am I… being the dark autumn that I am?

    Can I wear that last piece you picture?….love it…but never see my self as you describe that woman…(course I am constantly surprised)…she reminded me of your lovely industrious sister- in- law but I can’t remember what she is for colour…is Holly an autumn of some sort?

    I think I am the one who is gesturing on the couch with imitations and animations …. typical of me….kinda loopy but lovable i hope 🙂 Love this site Christine …POST MORE POST MORE!

    This is such fun!

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Gina, 🙂 as always, You and Holly are the 2 daughter, she the light one, you the dark one. I wanted to make the point that the season blends are quite individual in their own right. They have some things in common with their main True Season, but they are unique in themselves too. The True Autumn woman herself is Holly’s mom. The reserved one on the couch is Miss Generic True Winter. The activated one is Miss Generic True Spring. I had nobody in mind for those.

      Luana, Colour is so deeply about who we are inside. We send out a very specific colour energy, and yet in wrong colour, we display colour wavelengths of who we are not. The two are as intimate as the left and right sides of the brain. When the connection is strong, it jumps because it’s charged. Soft Autumn is in the works. So much depends on photographs.

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  • "; ?> luana

    great post Christine! I can see this type of woman clearly! It reminds me a friend of mine!
    so energetic, perfect with these colours.
    I look forward to read the post about Soft Autumn Jewelry!

  • "; ?> gina

    Being that dark (love the fact that i am dark btw…makes me sound mysterious) daughter I guess it means I can’t wear that piece….kinda knew that….funny how that works, isn’t it ?
    We really do know these things if we listen and allow ourselves to feel it. I think that is the biggest benefit from having the analysis done. You TRUST that feeling and KNOW it is right. How empowering is that for a gender who are constantly questioning themselves. You are doing such a good thing Chris…you really are.

  • "; ?> Jes

    I like that last bracelet!

  • "; ?> Caroline

    Would a tiger eye beaded stone necklace be True Autumn?

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      Yes, tiger eye is outstanding.

  • "; ?> Emma

    I love your writing and now will have to read every single blog post.

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