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Winter’s Children

Winter’s Children

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Stereotypes are patterns that got noticed. There is no doubt for me that our colour genetics, body geometry genetics, and personality genetics are often transcribed together.

There might be some things you recognize. Don’t take anything personally. Remember that we are beings in perfect balance. Our negatives are simply the other extreme of our positives.

Winter Children

The drama and the trauma. Will not be controlled by parents, siblings, or anyone else. Cannot be approached with judgment. If that Spider Sense even twitches, they’ll react like they’ve been attacked. There are no in-betweens here. Criticism isn’t taken well. Advice is best given in a very generic way, referring to someone out there who could possibly try to do the thing differently but of course, it would be up to them.

The power and the glory. Emotionally ruthless. Can be single-mindedly intense adults once an idea takes hold.

Non-judgmental. Ruthlessly so.

Don’t care if they ride on the Children Camp float in the Old Home Week parade. But if they do, will ask why they could not have a float of their own. Don’t need to be on stage but are compelling to watch once they’re there.

Pink winter fairy

Photo: redvisualg


May appear cool and detached, but often beset with worry. Simultaneous inferiority and superiority complexes.

The opposite of nurturing. It is all about them. Ask her how her hair turned out today and she will tell you for half an hour. Might notice if you have hair, but wouldn’t have much to say about it.

Physically interesting to watch. Will choose furs, sparkles, satin, diamonds, you get the idea. Stock up on glitter. Boys look very good in dark suits and have the body carriage to pull off the look. Strike statue poses just buttering toast.

If she is suffering, you will know about it. She’s in control (while Summer is in order) and she is taking you down with her. The True Winter husband is much the same.

Have high expectations of what others should take from them, as opposed to Summer’s high expectations of what others should expect of themselves.

Cute winter child

Photo: andreyutsu


Intensely creative. So perfectionist that they get in their own way.

Opposite extremes. The recluse and the performer at once.

The wonderful Bernice Kentner of Color Me A Season said, If you want a job done fast, ask an Autumn. If you want a job done well, ask a Summer. Bernice is so smart. And, we could add, If you want a Winter to do a job at all, there better be something in it for them.

Winter has to see her PCA with her own eyes or she will never be convinced. But once she sees it, she is not likely to question it again. Autumn is even less likely to dwell.

A Dark Winter’s husband, like many husbands, might discover more right brain in his forties. His attempt to talk about, gulp, feelings, meets with, Yeah, whatever, I was trying to talk to you about emotions ten years ago. Pass me that calculator, would you? Nevermind your fuzzy feelings here, from his ever-loving wife.

Birthday cake

Photo: AKphotos


Winter has no trouble getting rid of great Grandma’s plate collection that Mom passed on to her. She’s doing well to visit Mom or phone Grandma. Makes her connections so deeply that she can appear not to have any.

Child in sunhat

Photo: mrdisaster


Wakes up in the morning thinking, Nobody’s going to tell me what I can and can’t do. Or, Me against the world. Consider the Summer’s morning greeting of, If I am kind to others, they will be kind to me.

Can learn to soften their edges by impersonating a Summer when they feel the tension climbing, and be surprised at how much better the interaction went.

Looks so good when she wears makeup to separate the features from the face – eyebrows, eyes, cheeks, lips, contour lines. Forget about traditional nudes and flesh tones, they’re as exciting as a dial tone compared to fuchsias, cherries, and pomegranates, especially if you’re over 25.



11 Thoughts on Winter’s Children

  • Lategates

    wow. all I can say is wow.

    I am constantly awed at your writing and insights.

    …and I am constantly awed by a Winter’s/Type 4 (if you will) ability to hold their ground in pressurized situations, and the concurrent INability to flex and bend in order to DEpressurize a situation. 🙂

  • Nirmala

    Dear Christine, I am stunned yet again by the precision of your vocabulary, and the way you get straight to the heart of the matter. Every post you write is so… right! To be perfectly frank, I love to hear the Dark Winter point of view of other winters. My middle sister (younger than me) is a Dark Winter. Every single word you have written there relates to her unequivocally. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for helping me understand her even better. I’ll have to send you a picture some day- she is unbelievably stunning, even as a child, peoples mouths would drop open when they saw her. Men are speechless when they meet her. Yet she has the biggest heart and the sweetest smile in the world. She hates compliments with a passion. She is a statue. She is a tattoo artist, and they suit her (I hate tattoos- a Soft Summer trait? They’re too defined, too permanent). I’m sorry to rave about her, but it’s just that reading your post is like reading about her.
    As an aside, I love when you said “stereotypes are patterns that get noticed”.

  • Jeanine Byers @ Seasonal Color Analysis

    This is truly awe-inspiring, Christine!! I hope you will do this for the other seasons, as well.

  • voodoo

    hello christine.i have a question to make just from curiosity(sorry if my english aren’t too good):which season is or at least tends to be the most overly analytical out of all 12s?i don’t mean non-emotional,i mean truly overly analytical,like-you know-they think every little thing just way too much and analyzing it-at least almost-by any possible view.thank you.

    • Christine Scaman

      Voodoo – I guess the stereotype would say Winters and Summers. Winters dissect the data, Summers explore the options.

  • voodoo

    excuse me just one last question:you mean just true winters dissect the data all or 3winters?and just true summers explore the options or all 3 summers?oh,and i would almost forget…(i am so sorry because i don’t like bothering anyone with many questions,it’s just sometimes i feel the need to ask things even if those things are not necessarry but because for some reason they feel really important to me)can you please,please,please define the difference between dissecting the data and exploring the options?i am only asking because where i live at my maternal laguance isn’t the english and i am kind of confused by the meanings of the phrases-not in traslation but…um…the meaning(i hope i have interpret right what i wanted to say in here)…thanks once again very mush and i am sorry if my english weren’t too good

  • Katie

    OOOH! and there’s a buy one get one free deal on The Body Shop makeup today – online only. (7/9/12 – for future readers) Might have to pick up those suggestions! 🙂

  • Kate

    I’m very changed …when I was a little girl, my colour was softly, autumn’s, spring’s but now I look like more purely, clear. That is strange I think.

  • Nina

    Hi Christine!

    First of all, the way you write your posts is beautiful! I love how deeply and intelligently you go into the subject, and I love your approach to color analysis more than any other I’ve seen! I wish I lived close to you, but I’m on the other side of the world. 🙁

    I know this isn’t the way, but I think it might help me go in the right direction… The light brown-haired girl in the second photo looks eerily similar to me when I was that age! The coloring is pretty much the same – especially the hair. Now, at age 30, it’s still more or less the same. You would say this girl is a Winter since her photo is in this post?

    I am torn between Winter and Autumn (perhaps the two Dark seasons?), leaning towards Autumn because I find it hard to accept being naturally “light” and being a Winter, but anything light and pale washes me out.
    The three options I see are:
    1) dying my hair darker, even black + a bit of Winter makeup: concealer, mascara and true red lip (pink lipsticks are awful) = I come alive! My natural hair color works, too. But do all Winters need makeup to come alive? I wish I could just slap the lipstick on and go, but my skin is too uneven for that and eyelashes invisible 🙁 I don’t feel my best dressing in Winter colors with no makeup on.
    2) leaving my face bare and hair natural fits in better with Dark/True Autumn colors, but it’s still blah. Better with concealer, eyeshadow and dark red lipstick. I can pull of the mysterious, boho Gypsy look.
    3) middle ground if I choose dark and saturated Soft Summer colors… Nothing wow, kinda neutral.

    Anyways, knowing the season of the girl in the photo would help a lot!

    • Christine Scaman

      Thank you, Nina. I’m happy to hear that you’re enjoying reading here. I wish I knew the Seasons of these children or could even guess, but I have no idea. I couldn’t know if I were in the same room with the person, draping is the only way I can tell. Children change profoundly and how this child (or you) look at this age would be no indication of the Season you may be today. Have you visited the website at There are several analysts in Europe who may be able to help if that is where you are.

  • Nina

    Dear Christine,

    Thank you for answering and also for the honesty! I can’t say I expected another answer, but I was grasping at straws 🙂

    Yes, I have seen there are analysts in Europe, hopefully when this virus situation calms down and I save some money I’ll be able to travel a bit and treat myself to a professional color analysis.

    Wish you all the best!

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