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One Woman, Two Versions 1

One Woman, Two Versions 1

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  • "; ?> Jan

    She’s beautiful in the top photo, and absolutely stunning in the second one.

    Based on the top photo, who would have thought she could carry such vibrant colors (at least that’s how they appear on my monitor). Once again, seeing is believing.

    By the way, she is which season? I’m not going to guess as I would probably embarrass myself – LOL.

  • "; ?> Dana K

    Is this a before/after PCA post? I’m not sure I understand what I’m supposed to learn or see here as your posts are typically so descriptive and helpful.

    She is lovely, regardless!

  • "; ?> Jo

    From BSp to BW?
    BW beautiful on her! YAYY! That blue is a bridge color between BSp and BW…
    This is happening to me as well. I was first analyzed at age 60 as BSp, now youngish-looking 65yo, ancestry Scots/Irish/British, natural-graying hair-get analyzed earlier in life! This has been quite a revelation and transition for me!
    As I age I am moving to cooler, mid-jewel tone colors, definitely from the golds in warmer seasons.
    I really focused on figuring this out this winter and life is cleaner for it… My color life had gotten to be quite a distraction. It just wasn’t right.
    I mean look at how her skin clears! I started using a tinted sunscreen that is more neutral than any makeup I ever used in my whole life last summer. I immediately saw how much my skin cleared, my eyes brightened, my face and body became one. It had been a journey.
    I’m loving it for her and for me!

  • "; ?> Nina

    Yes. She looks amazing in the blue. Could she be true or bright winter? Or Bright spring? Just a guess. Computer screens can change color a lot and make it warmer, darker, or just make it not true to life.

    • "; ?> Christine Scaman

      The differences that our appearance is capable of with colour are remarkable. For colour analysts, we see clients arrive and find it hard to believe it’s the same person leaving. This is almost routine for us. We wanted to share some of these images.
      Both women are beautiful, both expressive, but they do create different reactions. We want the point to be, not whether the draping picture is technically right or who the analyst is. When too much talk if offered, folks start to critique the result. A trained colour analyst’s eyes are very different. We just wanted you to enjoy what the public can – charismatic and eye-catching images.
      The focus is much simpler: does colour bring something different out in the person that was not present in the other shot? Perhaps magical or unexpected? It could be that it works the other way too, perhaps the top image suggests some traits that are also true of this person. Colour brings different aspects of the same person to the surface and becomes part of the communication with others. This is all about the visual, the beauty, the fascination, not the technical, not even the simple layer of Season names. We can just let the pictures be, to speak for themselves.
      You’ll see more of these. I find them truly captivating.

  • "; ?> Jane

    I would like to see her without the black rimmed glasses, without the black white and red high contrast scarf, and without the hat, just in the soft/light/is that slightly warm? blue top. All I’m seeing in the top picture is the accessories.

  • "; ?> Tina

    Imagine she is scheduled to give a lecture. Chances are good, we will tune out the lady in the first image, even though her subject matter is quite interesting. All it takes is a little bit of lipstick, the right color blouse and BLAM! We are hanging on every word.

  • "; ?> Mary

    She’s shining like a jewel in that color-perfected setting. Very beautiful.

  • "; ?> Melina

    I would really love to have some text included in these, although I do understand the original idea is to “let pictures speak for themselves”… The thing is, they speak different things to everyone 😉 For example here, in my opinion, the bright blue is too bright for her, although the colours in the first photo are a bit nondescript.

  • "; ?> Andrea Colvile

    She looks beautiful in both pictures but much stronger and more striking in the second. Amazing what colours can do.

  • "; ?> Nomi

    I find her friendly, approachable in the top photo and scary, a bit grim in the bottom one.

  • "; ?> April

    I think the brightness of the lipstick clashes with her eyes in the 2nd one. I think there is a way to have a harmoniously bright lipstick, but I think it will take lots of trial and error.
    (I’m a BW with darker grayish green/blue eyes and can relate.)

  • "; ?> Jane

    I think the lipstick’s overwhelming her eyes as well. Her eyes look very strained to me. It could be the effect of having a light shone in her face. It’s not a colour/human combo I could look at for long before becoming tired. And the eyeliner is terrible. Looks like drawn on by someone making a fist around the pencil. I don’t see this as “revealing” what’s there at all.

  • "; ?> Julianna

    One of these days I would love to be analyzed. After much, much hard work and trying various colors, I believe I fall into the bright Winter category. However, it would be nice to have a professional do it, so as to be sure. It would pay off, too, and save time. I wouldn’t end up buying the wrong colors. For now, I seem most at home with black and white, with white dominating, especially crisp white. It’s easy to find reds that look good. Blues can be tricky, though; and I must admit I am one of those “green haters” . I never particularly cared for anything in the green and yellow range. I could wear most blues safely, unless extremely dark, and look decent, although not always my absolutely best choice. However, the greens and yellows can be horrible looking if the correct shade is not chosen. So I tend to avoid those colors entirely.

  • "; ?> Ing-Marie

    Like her cap and clothing style in the upper picture.
    Colors maybe a little too much on the paler side.
    Below picture: of course the colors suits her better.

  • "; ?> Ricarda

    The scarf is high contrast and the hat is dark in the first picture and it does not seem to disturb. I think the clumpy style makes the face look very rounded and almost hanging to the bottom. The eyes hidden behind the glasses?

    In the second picture I see maturity and a more stretched face shape. And something very kind and cute in the eyes (the expression) that I see now more than in the first picture. More exactly: I see the kindness/friendliness in both pictures but in the second there is higher presence added, more radiance and focus from within.

    The blue of the drape is in the eyes a little bit, to me there is a kind of harmony between the drape and the eye and an attractive tension because of the greener colors of the eye. Mutual enhancement of the colors? Because of blue-orange and pink-green complementary colors?! Great color scheme; 4 edges in equal proportion somehow?

    Some yellow around the eye and under the mouth is confusing to me. Some pink around the face outer line, the nose and directly under the eyes are confusing me also. Is it due to this special foto? Is it considered to look fresh? Is it a hint that there is the wrong draping color? I know from my own selfies, how easy strong redness occurs on some fotos but not on others. But you chose this foto, Christine 🙂

    The color intensities in the second foto of the lipstick, eye, drape and hair are equal to my eye. (The pastel sweater is the weakest in the first pic by the way and makes the hole upper body diminish at the borders – and that is unbalanced together with the heavy head/hat/scarf. ) The eye make up is weaker. Some mascara and intensified eyebrow could repeat and thus harmonize the sharp and beautiful lip shape and color.

    Really great exercises and riddles these two versions fotos! Thanks for sharing especially to the models!

  • "; ?> DC

    Julianna, I got mine done early this year and it was *amazing.* I’m a BW too, and the difference it made just knowing “for sure” (or closer than I could get on my own even after many years of analyzing and trial-and-error) really can’t be overestimated. I have no regrets even though it was expensive–I’d have been willing to pay a lot more if I’d known the difference it would make. It helps that I was a BW, though, and loved my colors! 🙂

  • "; ?> DC

    One really interesting thing about the in-person analysis was *seeing,* in real life, with my eyes, just how relative our concept of color is. The drapes themselves look completely different in isolation than they do next to each other or next to my face. For example, I’ve always thought I couldn’t be a Winter because the colors I thought of as “wintry” (almost all of them TW) didn’t look good–I got shadows, pallor, etc. I thought I was a Summer because I was cool but thought Winter was too saturated. As it turns out, I was completely wrong. True Winter’s colors weren’t saturated *enough.* Compared to the Bright Winter drapes, side by side, even those “highly saturated” True Winter drapes looked dull. I don’t look good in them, but the Bright Winter basically pulled out every striking color and contrast in my face and eyes and made them balance each other and look amazing. So yeah, in-person analysis is important so you can see for real what’s going on with the various color palettes. They are not what you’d expect, even after reading a lot and looking around online.

  • "; ?> Jo

    I like your comments, Ricarda and DC. Good in depth analysis!

    Please keep these coming, Christine?!

  • "; ?> Jenny2

    In the first photo, I wondered if she had sensed the need for some darkness and brightness: the hat and the pattern in the scarf provide this. The green jumper might look too weak on its own.
    In the second photo I see her lovely skin and eye colour first. Maybe this is a good example of how PCA is a starting point: the texture of the drape, by itself, doesn’t look as if it is her best. But imagine that colour in buttons or a necklace instead!

  • "; ?> Elizabeth

    It can definitely be the color value on my screen, but the blue and lipstick in the bottom picture seems too much for her. Her eyes look a bit dull in the bottom picture, as well.

  • "; ?> Late Gates

    Top Photo
    Overall impression….a kind, sensitive, quirky soul…probably been referred to as ‘mousy’. Could easily fade into a crowd and she probably doesn’t mind that too much, but is attempting to make her mark with the style expression …hat, glasses, scarf.

    Bottom Photo
    Get ready world! We see her now as someone who demands our time and attention…without saying a word. Obviously…if it comes out of her mouth, it’s going to be important. I would pay for her opinion.

    I’d want the top woman to be on my team for a project…She’d be amiable, friendly, easy to work with, gentle, supportive.

    I’d want the bottom woman to be the project leader.

  • "; ?> Trisha

    To me she looks a more interesting, friendly person in the first photo. Better groomed, better presented, but ironically a bit flattened out in character in the second. Even though the photos are supposed to speak for themselves (and of course this means they will have completely different meanings for each person!) I feel it would be extremely useful to know what season she has been analyzed to be.

  • "; ?> Olga

    She does have eyes, and blood (!). But the drape could be lighter.

  • "; ?> Tania

    Fascinating one! She has an affable, eclectic, approachable charm in the first photo, but she looks like someone young and harmless, you think maybe a student, or a sweet volunteer at an animal shelter, that kind of vibe. In the lipstick and drape she looks like she could be the woman in charge of the nuclear codes, a totally different vibe, a sense of authority that is totally absent in the first. You can prefer one or the other but you can’t deny the difference.

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