Lipstick: Transcending


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Light pastel cool pink in a sheer gloss formulation.

Average appearances do not exist in any Season and the stereotypes are rarely found. Compared with the medium level of darkness in the True Summer palette, this colour is on the lighter side. For the True Summer woman who is light in appearance and perhaps looks like a Spring but tests as a Summer, this may be a beautiful choice. For the True Summer who is darker in appearance (skin tone, hair, or eyes), the colour may be too light on its own, although excellent to sheer or lighten darker lip products without adding significant warmth. 

Light Summer women should give this colour a try as well. It is light to medium in darkness relative to the Light Summer palette, on the cool side with a trace of the warmth that is continuous with the yellows in Summer skin tones, and of moderate brightness that is perfectly appropriate for this fairly soft colouring type.

In both Seasons, young women or those seeking subtle lip definition may be pleased with the result.

Season: Light Summer, True Summer.

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